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  1. Is that Mark in full battledress on the right Nils?
  2. Something a little more Foxey http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_armoured_reconnaissance_vehicle http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/cv/recon/Fox.html
  3. I wonder if I should contact and ask my cousin to do a recording as he does a very good Rupert accent, years of being at Sandhurst helped I think.
  4. Hi Crusty, how is the project coming on? @Mark, we are taking it quite seriously so you don't have to worry, I just hope the recording passes muster and that the project is a success.
  5. But Dahlings where is the drammah, the action, the emotion? after the 40th take, the emotion is a little drained lol
  6. While looking for info on the Boys anti tank rifle I came across this Walt Disney film Dwcki0BvIZ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwcki0BvIZ0
  7. .55" Boyes anti tank rifle? I thought it went out of service after the first world war, I don't think it continued into WW2, it has been a long time since I read Ian Hogg so I might be mistaken. Edit: it was phased out in 1943
  8. The C2s that I seen were factory fresh, litteraly driven out the door and along the test track beside the factory, and I would think have no ammo or anything else, certainly no up-armouring was evident on them, not even the skirts covering the road wheels. They still gave my 6x4 truck a run for it's money and my kW/kg was about 0.026 (130kW and 5tonnes) Still I like the C2 in SB
  9. The making of Kara is good to watch too
  10. Rodney from Beer For my horses, Whisky for my men e9JSuMKZlow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN5BLt7W7oA]
  11. See you Jimmy, geisa joab. Translation: Hello there James, I am seeking gainful employment
  12. Congrats again Kev. Today was "Groot ouders feestje" at the local primary school, annual day when the kids put on a meal and a show for their grand parents, so an apropriate day to be made a grandparent again Crusty. They know grandparents well, so they lay on as much Jenever (Gin) as they do coffee
  13. That cracked us up here, we live beside the main migration route south for summer Hollanders
  14. No not jealous ... not half! you lucky B. :debile2: Ok where are the rest of the hi res pics of the inside...
  15. A couple of years ago my brother's company dragged it's self kicking and screaming into the 21st century updating Netware 3 to Windows NT Now that was a rather large multinational company, I also worked for a large multinational company until a few short years ago, they had recently updated to Windows 2000 and we were a company at the forefront of electronic devices and systems. My other laptop has HDDs for Dos 6.2 Windows 3.11, Win 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, but Vista will run although not well. This laptop has a touch screen and I have win8 but I have never installed it yet, just too happy with the way Win7 is working on it.
  16. A quick upload of some of the pics I took, lots never came out due to a faulty memory card Entrance way, I'm standing on the ladder and I'm head and shoulders inside the aircraft, the guide is standing on the lower cockpit deck and the crew stations are behind me. Up past the guide is the cockpit for the pilot and co-pilot Navigator Bombaimer and "other" station, I'm sitting in the seat for the starboard crew member. Cockpit instruments from pilots seat, the view outside is nothing to write home about, the windows are tiny.
  17. For a crew of 5 it is a little small, overall it is on 2 levels and there is room to lay down if you have to. The pilots seat is a comfortable fit for my body size, I wouldnt like to try it if I was a bit bigger. You have to move one bank of switches and controls out of the way so you have room to get in the seat then you have to put the panel back between the seats again. I have photos but it will have to wait until I'm back home in Belgium to post them. One question why is there 2 bomb aimers in the aircraft? Genuine question!
  18. You know wat they say ... a penny saved is a town wired Still in Scotland enjoying the err "brisk" weather great time had at the Solway Aviation Museum, they even let me play with their Vulcan... lots of switchs and dials to keep this scots lad happy
  19. we got very attached to our Scottish pounds as the Belgian Banks refused to change them into Euros :confused:
  20. We had one batch of .22LR Match grade ammo that put the bullet through the target sideways, some even put more than one hole in the target, they went back with a strong letter to Ely about quality control.
  21. What goes around, comes around Certainly we had rifles that shot better than others although they were all Rifle No.4 Lee Enfields (mine was a Rifle No.4 Mk1*) and 1 Patteren 14 rifle that could group tighter than all the Enfields. we were only shooting out to 200yds. Match grade ammo is quite a bit more expensive than regular ammo too. In Archery I try to mach my arrows as close as I can, there is a big diffrence in shooting a 300grain carbon to a 500grain aluminium, the former flys at 301fps and the later 254fps and it makes a big diffrence to trajecory, the carbon needs 1 sight mark for 6meters out to 25meters where the Aluminum requires 3 marks. My bow is capable of putting an arrow out to about 800meters.
  22. The M2 Browning has been used as a sniper rifle by Gunnery Sgt Carlos Hathcock for long range targets I doubt that the one on an M1A2 is in the same class http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2_Browning_machine_gun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Hathcock Appologies for citing Wikipedia
  23. And here it is as a graphical representation :cool2:http://www.mapofmetal.com/#/home
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