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  1. Took it's design cues from the ME110? as a kid I quite fancied one to drive around in.
  2. I know one that donated it's engine to a gokart
  3. Won't make it, been out at competitions the last few weeks so I'm grounded this weekend. Took second place last weekend at a national archery competition here in Belgium
  4. Alicatt


    Hmm don't you love the internet, it was standing on the corner of Peerderbaan and Hasseltsebaan outside of the Dexia Bank and that was before 2005, I first seen it in april 2005, if you look carefully it is still sitting there on the site you linked Eisenschwein, on the south east corner of the junction. That sat photo is quite a few years old, there are traffic lights there and now there has been a roundabout there for more than 3 years. Where is the serial number located? the only numbers I can find are on the front and read {G}E4186 1B1635 LO The one in Leopoldsburg reads E4151 B1782 LO {G} E 3 and a plaque on it reads REALISATIE MIDDENSTAND LEOPOLDSBURG RESTAURATIE LEOPARD GROEP the photos of the numbers are on the photobucket page I linked to before.
  5. Alicatt


    I took photos of the serial numbers on the tanks if any information can be got about them from that. I will ask a friend in the Gemeente (local govt) he might know some one that has some info about them. We are a long way from Bastogne, about 140km as the crow flies. Tuesday was the first time I have been able to stop and have a look at the war memorial. Before the tank sat in the middle of the cross roads then it was moved to pavement beside the crossroads and then disapeared for a while and they made this new area for it a little away from the junction. A little web search has turned up this info: The crossroads in the village here was where a lot of people were taken and executed, there were execution poles set up there and villagers shot, then the poles were moved to a "secret" graveyard in the woods just outside the village that people from Brussels were taken to and executed then burried there, only since 1987 has access been allowed to the site and the bodies returned to the families. The tank is on loan from Royal Army Museum in Brussels http://www.klm-mra.be/klm-new/engels/main01.php?id=menu_links/startpagina The site where the tank is, is called Welsh Guardsplein
  6. They are Belgian, I am uncomfortable about taking pictures through a fence into an active military base, I had the camera with me tonight but I could not take any pictures, especially as I am not Belgian! If I go past tomorrow and see any one I will ask permission.
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    Ah no, I don't mean those, but these and at the rear of the turret
  8. Alicatt


    Leopoldsburg Memorial More pics on http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s47/Alicatt_photos/Sherman/
  9. Alicatt


    In our town we have a Sherman Firefly as a war memorial and today I took a closer look at it, there are a couple of holes in the turret, one patched over so it might have been a casualty. I took my camera with me and took a few pics. Tonight on the way back from the archery club I stopped off at the memorial in Leopoldsburg, it is a comemeration of the brave lads that went off to Operation Market Garden, sadly the plaques on the tank are defaced and difficult to read, anyway here are the pictures. Hechtel-Eksel
  10. there are 4 sitting at the depot now without tracks and a 5th one with the gun removed ... and all with cast turrets
  11. I hope not, the MOD might slap it with a D-notice if it comes too close to real-life
  12. What it reminded me was of a picture of the raising of the Kaiser's high sea fleet by Cox & Danks back in 1926 at Scapa Flow
  13. Just found this game online today, it is still in Beta as a free download at the moment. It has deformable ground, water and fairly good physics. http://www.oovee.co.uk/games/upcoming-games/spin-tires/ GZip0XO8igM Had some fun with it but it is still fairly limited. In the menu it mentions a Stryker but I havn't managed to unlock that yet. Ah here it is gRhMKvh3RCs Just a pity there is no driver's view.
  14. There are 3 of them sitting without tracks half way to the next town, there was 1 a couple of weeks ago but there arrived another 2 last week. I wonder if they are getting them ready for the open day at the base this summer Hmmmm.
  15. It could be something like Beowolf or The 300 if it is all CGI. Must admit I did quite enjoy Beowolf. Then again it could be like TinTin (Kufje) now it had a tank in it at one point
  16. I turned on Vsync in the display options of SB and that got rid of most of the stutter I had in diffrent views.
  17. The "money shot", over in less than 2 seconds :eek2: :redface: :cul: BHD was a good movie, the Mechanic was OTT and ok, funny in places as well but it wasn't a great movie, the Charles Bronson one was better. I'll watch Thunder Run when it comes out. heheheh managed to watch oh nearly 10 minutes of that before I gave up in disgust, still laying in Scotland wouldnt give it room in my luggage to bring it home with me.
  18. That is pretty much what I think too, that ED want to get into the "Combined Arms" market for professional military sims, with ED also having the desktop A10C sim for the USAF to train with this does seem like a logical step forward for them.
  19. There is a nice little scenario called "Tanks Pro PE" it is single player/tank Vs 9 enemy, not sure if it is already in the scenario files with the sim. Sean Patrick has modified a version with the T72 as the player vehicle available in the downloads section of this site. The "Byto" series of missions are quite good as well and in the single player folder with the game. The Austrian Firebrigade Missions are also quite good for single player.
  20. Even Wags admits it is no Steelbeasts
  21. Looks like ED are getting into the land combat as well as air now, Wags has just uploaded this video yFN1iFfvVG8&feature
  22. Yes, that is what I do at home, most time the dongle is plugged into my home server with the codemeter software running and it shares out the two licences I have to which ever machine is running SB. As the server has no graphics card etc. (headless) it dosn't run SB Pro PE, just serves the licences to either the desktop or one of the laptops and as the server is tucked away in its own space I don't have to bother about knocking the dongle about, this is especialy good as the grandson manged to bend the dongle and almost split the case about a month ago :shocked:
  23. Nice bike Funny that, Dark and I were talking about Urals last wednesday There was one for sale in the local dealer back in 1976 when I went to pick up my Suzuki GT380. A friend used one as his everyday transport and eventualy equiped it up with a sidecar and all the fittings as a WW2 replica BMW. He even lived in a WW2 airfield observation bunker which he had dug out Edit: a bit from the local field club about the "bunker" http://www.caithness.org/caithnessfieldclub/bulletins/2001/world_war_two_defences.htm Another important defence related structure is the RAF Battle Headquarters. This was an underground command post, intended to be manned only during an attack on the airfield and was usually positioned on high ground overlooking the airfield for good visibility. Built of reinforced concrete with a complex of five rooms they could control the entire local defence around the airfield, with contact by telephone, radio and messengers to all local defence areas. At one end a square observation cupola protrudes 3ft. from the ground giving a 360deg. field of view. The best surviving example is that at Castletown which was cleaned out, repaired and operated quite successfully as a military museum some years ago by a fellow enthusiast and myself. Skitten's is demolished and Wick's, unusual in that it was built above ground, has been completely demolished as it is sited close to the runway and posed a hazard to aircraft using the airport.
  24. :eek2: And breathe I guess the dried frog pills wore off
  25. Take plenty of change with you or a credit card to swipe on the toilets on board Ryanair don't know the word "free":frown:
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