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  1. thanks for the replies. The Dpad does indeed seem bound to arrows (which are equiv of numpad2,4,6,8). I've since realised it only affects the external view, i.e. steering with Dpad whilst in gunner/commander position, the view does not change...so I can live with that. I cannot see anything else I can unbind. This is the first and only controller plugged into my new laptop (asus g750jh - eats steel beasts for breakfast) Agree the control setup is a major pain. Unmapping every joystick mapping involves: 1) click on the setting 2) Now prompted with "press the hot key", press a new key (even though you didnt want to enter a new key at this point) 3) Press clear, which will clear BOTH keyboard and joystick mapping. 4) Click on same function again 5) Press the keyboard setting that was previously bound. Maybe in the future, the sim could borrow from Eagle Dynamics "clear category" approach, which would clear all the joystick settings in one swoop (based on what is selected in Filter dropdown box).
  2. Hello, usually use the Warthog controller, but whilst travelling use a powerA, a small but nice knock-off of xbox360 controller. trying to setup the Dpad as the movement controls (mapped to W,A,S,X) using Xpadder. In the game, W,A,S,X are only mapped to the movement controls. I have removed ALL joystick bindings inside the game. When running a mission however, the Dpad controls the vehicle movement, but additionally changes the view to forward/left/right/back which gets annoying. So does steelbeasts have some default built-in mapping for an xbox360 controller, that cannot be removed?
  3. eh, that explains why after 4 or 5 hrs of mucking around today, i couldn't get it working. shoulda posted sooner thanks
  4. Hello, I can get fire missions going which have been setup in mission editor, called in via support menu. If i have some M109s on the field though...what is the process to get them to fire at something indirectly ? ta
  5. Howdy all, I'm still a SB virgin, my copy of ProPE having just arrived in the mail. I experimented a lot with ARMA2 recently, installing it 3 times on my PC which is triple booted with WinXP 32bit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, Windows 7 (7600) 64 bit. Winner was WinXP 32bit for ARMA2 by a mile. Specs: i7-920@4ghz Asus p6t DeluxeV2 Evga gtx295coop 6gb ram So my questions: 1) What o/s would you install SB on ? 2) Is it possible to install it once to a seperate hard disk/partition, then run it from that location via each of the 3 operating systems ? 3) If not, is it possible to install it 3 times, i.e. to each partition the operating system is on, and be able to run each ok (or does the CodeMeter USB make questions 2 and 3 a no-go ? i.e. each install on the same machine requires a different licence on the CodeMeter stick ??) thanks
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