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  1. Maybe the forum admin can change the Thread Report Name. I tried to when I tested the Leopards, but there is not an option to change it. Only option is to delete it
  2. Ok my observation between the two is that 4.023 the AI gunner stays on the target though moving a little which is fine. The 4.159 the AI Gunner is on and off target as like its grabbing the palm switch really quick there was even a few rounds shot way off target. I will post another video of 4.159 if needed. I have had spoke with others and they have observed the same behavior.
  3. Here is a video from 4.023. I reinstalled 4.023 just to test and now I will uninstall 4.023 again. 2019-08-19_22-02-50.mp4
  4. This one is tricky, TC is calling "Target" even when a shot is off target. I take it's from the APS intercepts fragments. But maybe something to look into as the video shows a large offset shot. 2019-08-19_18-43-01.mp4
  5. Here is another video: 2019-08-18_17-08-43.mp4
  6. OK also the Leopards seem to have the same issue 2019-08-18_16-48-00.mp4
  7. There seems to be either stabilization issues or the AI Gunner is moving the Reticle up and down when shooting on the move. The AI Gunner should keep a steady Aim when shooting even after pulling the triggers. Here is a video 2019-08-18_16-35-51.mp4
  8. AAR from video: thfgh_2316_081319DESKTOP-UHDQ2144.aar
  9. Here you go 2019-08-13_21-44-15.mp4
  10. Here is my AAR: thfgh_2316_081319DESKTOP-UHDQ2121.aar
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