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  1. Shot this Gunnery with a Leopard 2A5, fun stuff
  2. That’s why I said “ I guess”. Also I have asked for Cav aka @TSe419E to verify this operation.
  3. I believe that this is another issue itself (Blind commander not entering range after lase from gunner station?) but maybe Nike can explain or show in a video of what he is seeing.
  4. Ok as for the M1 no issue here and for the M60 I will let Cav explain since he knows that tank very well. I created a scenario with the M60 which was set to blind. Well come to find out that the TC will not enter a range in after you lase if in the gunner’s position cause the AI is blind. So had to set the tank back to normal in which I was hitting all my targets then. We also noticed that the stab is being turned off during reloading and you have to use the “V” key to turn it back on. Normal operating conditions I guess
  5. I didn’t see the M1 missing targets with the m900. I’m not sure what you are asking here
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