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  1. OK My details are: Server version is 4.162 Debugger version 4.161 Normal SB mode 4.162 I do have 4.161 and 4.162 installed, but they are installed in two different directories with 2 different names on the same Hard Drive. Would I need to uninstall both and then reinstall 4.162? or would I just need to uninstall 4.161? Here are the screenshots:
  2. Interesting, I will check tonight, but we didn’t have any mismatch versions come up in the Assembly Area. And last time I checked the server version was 4.162.
  3. Nike started with the primary server when the crash first started. He saved the scenario "Restart" and when everyone is loaded into the map, the session started again and then the second crash about 10 seconds after start. We then tried on my Server (Kanium's back-up server) and the same exact crash happened which would be the third try.
  4. yeah it crashed everyone at the same time
  5. Here is the scenario and the scenario after the first crash. Apocalypse_OperationStreetSweeper.sce restart.sce
  6. Here are the Files from our secondary server. Steel Beasts completely crashed going back to Desktop along with all clients at the same time. SBProPEServer64CM_exe.5764.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.7128.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.10644.dmp DebugLog (Assassin PC).txt
  7. Here is the Server AAR: Apocalypse_Operation_Charger_I_10808_010520DESKTOP-UHDQ1426.rar
  8. Video explains the bug. The GAS sight should not enter range into the Tanks FCS. I seen this on the M1, M1A1, M1A2 SEP and Leopard 2 variants. 2019-12-22_10-34-57.mkv
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