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  1. The SEP only has one LRF. So if the GPS is damaged then it should not work however range can be still entered into the FCS by the stadia reticle using the CITV but only after a designate. As far as the CR2 I have not idea. But the CR2 does have two LRF’s so IMO it should be able to still lase from the Cmdr’s Peri even after GPS damage
  2. I would like to see vehicle’s MRS systems implemented into PE. Also it would be interesting to have the crew dazed say after a hard hit causing damage. Example would be under damage report “Gunner dazed” with a count down until he regains his awareness and if your in that position then your screen dims in and out as if your in a daze. Just ideas
  3. I serious doubt it as far as the T-14 goes. https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-analysis-on-the-Russian-T-14-Armata-tank-How-does-it-compare-with-western-tanks-like-the-M-1-Abrams-Leopard-2-and-Challenger-2-It-seems-very-light-compared-with-current-generation-MBTs
  4. Dunno, but here is an interesting site. http://warfaretech.blogspot.com/2015/05/m1-tank-test-bed-ttb-with-unmanned.html?m=1 some of the components are identical to components of the Stryker MGS
  5. If i'm not mistaken, Esims goes off of actual Vehicle data. I agree it would be pretty cool to have a make up T-14 or fake systems for the TTB. But I doubt it would happened anytime soon or at all. But could be wrong
  6. Can I please have a copy of the AAR? Mine will not open.
  7. I cannot make this one, got notified that I have to work tomorrow
  8. In RL this wouldn’t have been a Turret penetration. The hatches would have received damaged along with the wind sensor and the EAPU.
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