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  1. I have a backup host license for Kanium and I can take over opfor Nike
  2. The M1’s day channel reticle is correct. The 3x-10x day channel mag lever switches the AFOCAL side to side (Kinda like a rifle scope).
  3. IRL Tankers are trained to shoot their targets until the Tank stops all movements, Tank is deformed or Ammunition ignites. You will not always have an Ammunition explosion.
  4. does anyone have the AAR from today's mission?
  5. Thank you for your support also. We had extra vehicles that was damaged that was able to get back into the fight after repair due to your help. Thanks again 👍
  6. Also forgot to mention when you switch to emergency mode your FCS depends on the GTD system first instead of the LOS Systems and Stabilization system (would be disabled) even though it is still monitored. Also all FCS inhibits are bypassed.
  7. M1A1 doesn’t have the same behavior. You would still have all the same functionality in the Hydraulic System. Reason is the LVDT’s in the handles and LVDT’s in the Elevation/Traversing Mechanisms still continue to communicate through the FCS. The 3rd stage valves still providing the back pressure corrections and releasing the extra pressure back through the servos while monitored by the Delta P while using the release valves. Of course these signals are provided by Control Handles, the Mirror movements and the Gun positing as the Mirrors are now following the Gun which your Gyros inputs are turned off and the Emergency mode FCS symptoms are active such as no lead and Ballistic Solutions.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/generaldynamicsuk/videos/441328166661244?s=100001814986307&v=e&sfns=mo
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