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  1. Here what it looks like with moonlight:
  2. So im trying to make a night version for the M1A2. I redid the ICDU and put a light blue layer on the main surface but when I go into a night mission the ICDU does not light up blue. Is there another DDS file besides the M1A2_int.dds?
  3. There was no exposed Crew, hatches were closed, I noticed that the are 3 damages that occur most of the time, TC KIA, Stabilization failure and Radio damage. The one that hit my 50 Cal cause severe damage.
  4. If you need the video let me know, Its 4 GB's though
  5. Here is the AAR: assassin ATGM Reflek Test T-90_11496_022120DESKTOP-UHDQ1804.aar
  6. My question is it seems on the AAR that the missiles AT-11M, AT-11 and AT-8 sometimes explode in the berm in front of my Tank sending fragments downwards hitting my Tank. I have Screenshots and a video of this. Can someone please explain? or is this a Bug?
  7. So it’s good then
  8. If the Turret is traversing, same thing. The CITV should continue to scan towards the selected scan zones (Hull based direction setup). Should not stop scanning.
  9. Ok it shouldn’t be stopping it scanning when a pivot happens or change of direction in the hull. It will just move towards the new scan zones and keep going until it hits the sector zone limit, then it will go the other way. Should be like it’s own turret but auto correcting itself towards the set up scan zones
  10. This is the correct System operation Of the Auto Scan mode. So if your scan speed is slow then it may appear as if not working as stated above. @Damian90 try it with your scan speed fast and see.
  11. I will check it tonight when I get home
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