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  1. Server AAR: Operation_Uppercut_V3.1_fighting_with_Obstacles.rar
  2. Here you go: 2128865310_2021-06-0707-23-06.mp4
  3. Well given that I gave Blue a Company of reinforcements, Enemy Maps updates were set to off already before anyone mentioned it. Have fun, should be interesting and fun
  4. Lol 😂, just wait until after the mission. When we all have our bottom lips out saying that sucked.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Operation Iron Fists 1978 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Its the year of 78 and the 64th Opfor has its eye on 3/66AR. Border skirmishes have increased. Tensions are rising. There is a definite escalation in hostilities. It is not full out war. Yet! A few days ago, 64th opfor Scouts were caught in the town of Horodkivka. They were taken to HQ for interrogation. One of the Scouts revealed that an all-out invasion on 3/66 land was imminent….He was talking days! b) Own: 2/69AR forces have
  6. @GrennyYeah might push the date up to 1978.
  7. ok yeah would appreciate the Templates. Thank you Sir
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