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  1. Moose had one vehicle to deal with at a time. When he lost that vehicle I gladly gave him another one. For his very first time he did quite well.
  2. If no one steps up to the CO position before Saturday the I will take it.
  3. What about the DF-30 that is in the beginning of this Video, is it crewable?
  4. Very nice and thank you for the video 👍
  5. On the Pandur-1, The TC's back can be seen through the Hatch.
  6. Not sure if this has been reported already, The Ammunition link to the VC 50 Cal is missing texture.
  7. The Manual Mode light should come on when the Manual Azimuth handle is used or the Elevation Manual Handle is used. Anytime you use manual controls the FCS automatically goes to Manual until you release the Manual Handles. Manual_Mode_light.mp4
  8. Same Bug report as before but with AI Gunner also.When you select the CITV to "Auto Scan" mode. The CITV Stadia Reticle does not appear when the "Lase" button is pressed. CITV_Bug.mp4.9c33ec0a6193c8400e488c9e78188c53.mp4
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