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  1. Ok makes sense now, thanks. Just the way it was worded in the release notes
  2. Commander can override in both (Normal and Emergency modes)FCS modes by just grabbing his palm switch. Both Commander and Gunner Handles are in the same communication loop.
  3. Just curious about this: • Fixed bug #5745; all M1 series tanks now require to switch to Emergency fire control mode for the CDR to control the turret
  4. Here is the Server AAR: Kanium_CG26_Akkadia_v4_for_v4.023_10324_072119DESKTOP-UHDQ1401.rar
  5. Great job with the Stream today and great mission hoggydog.
  6. Thanks Chris, looking forward to the mission today. Thank you 👍
  7. Love it thanks for the video.👍
  8. Nothing like some good old instant action
  9. Outstanding speech, agreed 👍. But l still hate the USSR kit. Even though I have to admit I do a few gunneries every now and then in them.
  10. Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRplHdAJTKS-Pvs6W_E9Q-w?app=desktop
  11. I watched your stream, thanks for streaming the new version. Matt, why didn’t you take it a little more serious and test the missions that you were going to stream? I mean this company trusted you with their new product and you stream it as like a little kid with a new bag of skittles. Also there was some communication failure which happens everywhere all the time. So that was just an unfortunate event. Many of us do appreciate your stream but please understand that many of us have been looking forward to this update for years. So maybe next time take it just a little more serious and understand the important and impact that you may have with a new product.
  12. Off of Facebook beautiful picture:
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