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  1. Server AAR: The_return_of_Battle_of_the_Beast_4.167_8124_070520DESKTOP-UHDQ1407.rar
  2. Video from todays mission: AI was not calling out enemy tanks for some reason
  3. Live stream from the mission today: and the Server AAR: The_Attack_on_Objective_Charlie_P_11980_062120DESKTOP-UHDQ1404.rar
  4. Modern M1A2’s and Bradley’s with javelins
  5. Great Mission, I enjoy the Armor engagements. More US missions please.
  6. It was a good mission and fun, Minefields were a pain though B13_Operation_Armata_v1.0.0_11628_060620DESKTOP-UHDQ1409.aar
  7. Here is the AAR from Today's mission: CG26_Akkadia_v4_for_v4.163_HUMAN_OPFOR-B_3140_060720DESKTOP-UHDQ1404.rar
  8. Yes the Hydraulic Reservoir is in the crew compartment and the one way flow valves is at the Reservoir's Main flow lines connections
  9. The couplings are at the Main Pump Connections and the Valves are at the entering of the Reservoir. The EDV is in the Main Hydraulic Pump so If damaged the couplings close back due to low pressure. Given you will loose some hydraulic fluid but not alot.
  10. Understood and thank you for considering a re-look later. It is appreciated
  11. The Abrams can run without a Main Hydraulic pump. just of course with less pressure
  12. What i am saying is that there are 2 main Hydraulic lines one goes to the pump and the other is the return line. These are fed off of pressure which valves open after being pressurized from the Main Hydraulic Pump. If there isnt enough pressure the fluid flow will divert to the Auxiliary pump and the Main valves will close
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