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  1. Ok mission fixed, status with opfor. Southern Bridge is blown out. Opfor shifted forces just west of the river in the center and northern sector by setting up several crossing points but could shift south now so that is a concern. Opfor has been reinforced and has setup several defensive positions Incase bluefor tries to counterattack
  2. Ok, cannot make it now due to RL things popping up.
  3. also FYI If I can remember correctly I dont believe the M1A1 HA can fire the M829A3 ammunition anyways due to the Breech Modification needed
  4. Understood and cant wait to see the A4 then. Here is some info off the web M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank | Military-Today.com The tank is armed with the same M256 120 mm smoothbore gun as its predecessor. Range of effective fire is in excess of 4 km. It can fire the M829A3 APFSDS rounds with depleted uranium penetrator and M1028 canister rounds that discharges massive blast of tungsten fragments at muzzle exit.
  5. So to explain: The AI Gunner should report the contact if he can see it. Now given how the game design is with the round I guess it makes more sense to the game than if you would expect IRL cause if a stationary tank was sitting infront of me within my Ballistic Solution Range at 4200meters. I am taking that shot. IMO it should be limit to I guess what you guys gave the rounds at far as Range goes cause those Services Rounds will fly far depending on the super elevation when fired. Those AI Ranges should be determined based on the Ballistic Solution Ranges which would make more sense.
  6. If you can see the Target at those ranges which the SEP can depending on the weather. It should have the contact report anyways.
  7. The AI now will not ID targets, version 4.363 the AI would ID the Target. IRL they should be engaging due to the SEP Ballistic Solution Range being 200-5000meters.
  8. The AI used to identify the Targets but not shoot. either way now the AI does not ID 2023-03-24 18-57-28.mp4
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