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  1. Whom ever takes 66, I will send you the mission and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  2. From my understanding this feature does not work in multiplayer. The exterior view disabled only works in single player mode
  3. Server AAR: Wacht_am_Rhein_Mission_2_Gamefile_Mission_2_deployed_BP.rar
  4. No with the FLEX 50 in front, The commander can use Bino's as well as see over the Weapon assembly. With the CROWS system in front of the Commander you really don't need Binos as the Commander can just use its optics to scan with. The CROWS does not override the Turret either even though its integrated into the CDU. The CITV's can override the Turret Gun LOS as it's part of the integrated FCS.
  5. So not sure about the CV-90's but these are in reference to the Abrams Tank which the Cant is located in the Turret: -Cant function is to detect any lateral tilt in the turret. It consists of a pendulum device. The upper end of the pendulum is attached to the wiper of a potentiometer which is connected as a voltage divider between a +15 and -15 VDC power supply. When the tank is level, the wiper is centered and the output is at ground potential. Any tilt to the turret causes the wiper to be displaced along the resistive element, varying the output voltage. It is powered and provides an input all the time in both series, in the M1A1 series the input is used when the tank is not in motion. In the M1A2 SEP the unit is a back-up to the POS/NAV unit and still only provides input when the tank is not in motion. -Position/Navigation Unit - the POS/NAV system is a self-contained, three-Axis, navigation system which computes vehicle heading, velocity. The computed information is based on data from an odometer input and two inertial sensors assemblies contained within the POS/NAV. This data is used to calculate distance, direction and for Far Target Location. Pitch and Roll data is used to provide dynamic cant input in the fire control system. So not sure if the CV-90's Cant system is similar. But if so then it would have to use another subsystem to take over during the vehicle movement as the M1A2 SEP does.
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