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  1. Here is the Server AAR: 1221883275_07feb21SCE1DLIC.rar
  2. All tanks positions are filled, would you like to take a gunner position? or take an AT vehicle from Fox platoon?
  3. The M1A1 did work correctly in the past. Not sure what version the bug appeared. The M1A2 has not worked and was on the list to fix from my understanding.
  4. 7-8 ? Wouldn't that put the main gun over the back deck? Sorry maybe I'm just misreading it. Also the rounds are side by side but requires separate doors to open. So left door first, pull 3 rounds and then close left door. Open right door and then pull 3 rounds. Yes the Turret does have to rotate alittle between the 2 but not that much
  5. When the M1A1 and M1A2 go to reload from the Hull ammunition Compartment the Turret is going over to the 9 clock position. It should be going to the 11 clock position to line up with the Hull Ammunition Compartment Doors. 658474533_2021-02-0422-20-49.mp4
  6. The Abrams Variants, The TC cannot use his CCHA to override or activate his palm switch while Tank's FCS mode is switched to Emergency Mode. IRL: The Tank Commander is able to Activate the Gun/Turret Drive Hydraulic Valves when he presses his CCHA while the Tank FCS is switched to Emergency mode. 1867470230_2021-02-0422-10-32.mp4
  7. I will take the CO position. Tank of choice M1A2 Sep with AVEPS. 😊
  8. With the Abrams, You can easy elevate the Gun when it's over the front for the Driver to get out. Some Drivers can even get out when the Gun is at zero degrees depending on their size. Done it before 😉. The Driver can also get out when the Turret is over the side. You would see this during most maintenance activities and it's also one of the steps for crew evacuation. The default position that the Driver gets out say parking the Tank,is through the swing gate which is part of the Turret Basket which is located in the Loader's station. The Main Gun would set at the 5 clock position just over the latch hook located on the back deck. The Driver then can lower his back rest and rise his Head rest which allows him to crawl through and out when the Hatch is closed.
  9. so today while messing around in a test scenario I noticed that I had one more kill than the amount of shots taken. Reviewing the AAR showed that one of my shots counted as two. M1A2 Shooting.aar
  10. 👍 never heard it called “cloth” before though. We always referred it to “Mantlet Guard” which if I can remember correctly in the part manual it’s called “Guard Weldment”. Anyways neat hearing the different names.
  11. Not sure if this is a known bug, just reporting it just incase. The Abrams variants have a Graphics gap on top of the Gun Mantlet.
  12. In previous versions of SB the CITV direction symbol is a dashed line. Now in version 4.250 there is a small line. IRL the line is dashed. Video:
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