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  1. Added random failures would be pretty cool such as Ballistic computer fault or stabilized failure cause a gyro malfunction. Not just taking damages from being hit. Also auto MRS function would be pretty cool saying based off of the rounds EFC being fired. Say if you fired M829A2 rounds x4 then a red message will appear in the upper right hand corner “MRS is needed”. So if the player continues to fire he was have loss of accuracy at distances. But if the player backs up the tank and say hits a key function that the MRS would update automatically given the standard time. Then the Tanks accuracy would be improved. It would keep just tanks having a long range shootouts back to back and would force repositioning more. Just my opinion.
  2. -M1A2 SEPv3 -TUSK II as optional add-on kit -Abrams driver positions interior modeled -added loader’s position view for M240 use -Supply Trucks that Carry FOP’s where damage engine could be replaced Instead of waiting for engine repair. - V2 Crows II System optional - V2 Emergency mode systems bugs fixed -V2 ammunition index selection for CDU in commander station.
  3. I was working on a interior lighting mod for night operations but stopped https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/13836-m1a2-skin-for-night-operations-help/
  4. Here you go i slowed down, so hopefully this helps 2020-04-08_18-49-50.mp4
  5. The loader normally announces what round is going in the tube such as Sabot loaded. The TC will normally call out the next round to be loaded such as Fire, Fire Heat! It takes practice to get it down.
  6. The name in the upper right hand corner is the round being indexed. So when it flashes it means that you do not have the correct index.
  7. On the Abrams platform the Gunner is required to select the ammunition index due to the ammunition subdue and the Tanks CCF to that round. Sb has this implemented for the gunner. SB wiki explains the keys- http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1A2_(SEP)#Indexing_Ammo
  8. Here is a video of @Fre4k tearing a platoon of Leopard 2’s to pieces. https://m.twitch.tv/clip/SweetTenuousBeaverStrawBeary
  9. Copy, yeah not in the wiki either. Cool though
  10. I stand corrected then, in the new SB manual?
  11. "When firing the 50 Cal (Alt F3), the view initially pops to behind the 50 Cal with the rear peep sight placed in the up position. However, it's set up at minimum range and I can't find any way to adjust the range. This means that any target out past about 200 meters is covered up by the sight itself when elevating for superelevation." Use your right "Shift" + "Up arrow key" or "down arrow key" to adjust your iron sight. "Secondly, after firing away for a bit, leaving the 50 Cal and then coming back using Alt F3, the view pops to an offset view to the left and above the gun rather than the view I described above. I'm still allowed to fire the 50 Cal, but have to do so without any sights at all. I can't seem to find a way to get back to the gunsight view." This seems to be a bug, it is happening after the first reload of the 50 Cal. When you go back to the Alt-F3 view to fire it takes you to this view.
  12. It will be Easter Sunday, so will not be able to participate. See you guys next Sunday. 👍
  13. Great Mission today, thank you all for showing up. Here is some screenshots from B11 today.
  14. During mission editor, The UAV is set to blind. I set the status to "Normal" and when I test the mission the UAV is back to "Blind" status which is causing the UAV AI not to report the enemy. Vendetta Coop platoon modern Battlefield management( Russia Opfor).sce
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