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  1. When the M1A1 is firing HEAT on the move at 10 mph. The reticle is jumping everywhere. Whats funny is we used to see this in the Real M1's, normally it came out to be a Delta P or an LOS. LOL 2020-03-30_21-23-34.mp4
  2. Here is a video of it happening after I did another test on the Rangefinder. I slowed down to 10 MPH and let the AI fire away 2020-03-30_20-35-00.mp4
  3. I have noticed this when playing missions, I know I had a good range, correct index and the target was close. The round flies right over my target and im like what was that, so I wanted to test it. I tested the AI just shooting M830 under 3000 meters. the AI tank seems to have extreme accuracy loss. The AI tank is traveling slow and stops to engage. I have also tested this from the shooting tank and seen something very strange happening with the AI gunner and the M830 accuracy. Could this be looked at please and tested by others to see if they are seeing the same things as in these videos? 2020-03-30 19-12-52.mp4 2020-03-30_19-43-35.mp4
  4. The AVEPS system remains floating in the air after Turret is blown off
  5. They will probably be maintained by civilians workers
  6. Sorry, my second screenshot is slot 2, which my screenshots are reversed. Iโ€™m only seeing one HEAT ammunition type available M830.
  7. The SEP has the M256 which can fire DM made ammunition. The DM HEAT ammunition selection is missing. "Ammunition for the 120 mm gun M256 may be interchanged with authorized Federal Republic of Germany produced 120 mm tank gun ammunition. It is fixed ammunition - ready to fire. It uses a combustible cartridge case with a metallic stub base. All but the stub base and primer are consumed when the round is fired."
  8. Good grief, I guess someone has to do it. You guys adding the grays hairs too quickly. Lol ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Here are some screenshots, Great job from Destroyer 1 platoon. 21 kills today together and great shooting today @Nate Lawrence
  10. I'm doing a complete re-install though, so if something got corrupted hopefully it will be replaced and this issue will not come up again
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