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  1. You know what just disregard, I’m sure you have better stuff to attend to. Thanks for the reply, it’s appreciated and thanks for what you guys done so far. Can’t wait for the update 👍
  2. So masking another Tank would fall under an export law? How so? As it’s explained in the video it’s another vehicle that is being crewed that is already in the Sim but looks different. Just asking.
  3. Thanks, yeah was suspecting this is the case. All well for the hopes
  4. Knowing that the T-72b3 is more than likely coming, I hope that this masked feature will be added too. It’s a great design and very useful.
  5. Ok just found out that I will be able to make it this weekend 👍. A31 please
  6. Revenants stream from last Sunday Mission. Great mission and Commanding
  7. It’s being removed or damage if might be added. Haven’t decided yet
  8. As the enemy Commander now knows the plans there might be an Opfor adjustment in his plans. ; )
  9. Here you go: Paderborn [autocreated base].rar Operation Saber Tip Kanium V3-blue.sce
  10. Yeah you can have some intel today. After work I will post it
  11. Mission AAR: link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZNSc7GXyX2QhOf4DZDA3n1DcNuY5ObA/view?usp=sharing
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