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  1. "Gunner Sabot Tank! Driver move up! Identify! Gunner Fire and Adjust! On the Way! Boom, Target! Loader watch out for that Breech!"
  2. This is suppose to happen when you use your mouse.
  3. Yes, the FLIR. The day sight is still the same 3x-10x
  4. The M1A1 FCS is completely different from the M1A2's FCS. The M1A2's FCS lead is calculated every .3 seconds
  5. Yes you shouldn't have a floating reticle at all. It doesn't matter to dump lead or not. The only thing is that if the tank picks up a gun/sight error reading more than .25 mils in elevation or azimuth the FCS will then not allow the tank to fire. The traverse rate of the SEP in azimuth is 700 mils/sec.. The gun will keep up with the sight.
  6. No it still has the SAHA. But the FLIR is the same with the moving reticle. You have stab in both mirrors on the SAHA.
  7. Setting up to Scan using the CITV Auto Scan mode and my Gunner entering his range into the Gunner Control Display Panel on the M1A2 SEP V2.
  8. The Actually Abrams can fire in manual mode with the Commander's or Gunner's palms pressed. Just you will not have no turret or gun movement, Turret and Gun movement would all have to be done manually by the Gunner. Manual Mode does not cut of the trigger circuitry. The only Fire inhibits that cut off the trigger circuitry is the driver's hatch being open, the super elevation or tracking error is too great,Gun Select Switch is in Trigger Safe and Main Gun lever not in the armed position. The Manual firing device ( Master Blaster ) in the Gunner's station primary role is if the Tank would lose it turret power. The Manual Firing Device only fires the Main Gun and will bypass the trigger circuitry.
  9. Well the actually Gunner's palm switch that is made for the m1 is not made by Raydon. It is made by Cadillac Gage Corp. Example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Abrams-Tank-Gunners-Control-Cadillac-Gage-PN-12283113-for-Parts-or-Nostalgia-/111119682198
  10. Well, you and Pii are welcome to come and play online with the 3rd Armor, there is no commitment to this VU. We like to play different games from time to time but our main choice is SB. Infact we did 4 Coop missions yesterday. We also play on Friday nights along with the others.
  11. Yes I will be and there should be some others online. I will be on after 1800 hours central time tomorrow. Assassin7
  12. You are welcome to Join the 3rd Armored Division. We do all sorts of Sb missions with US based vehicles. Most of us also join everyone on the Friday night battles. We are online almost everyday of the week to play. Myself I'm normally online after 1700 hours central time during the weekdays. I got to say after the release of 3.0, I will be conducting crew training on the M1A2 SEP and several platoon mission that will require a gunner and commander. We will also do maneuver training and much more. I hope to see you soon and If you decide to join another VU, you would be welcome to come and play anytime with us. That goes for anyone who would like to. Assassin7
  13. agreed, hopefully the abrams will go to this. Does the electric drives still have a good rate of speed as the hydraulics drives?
  14. During this video a abrams tank was hit: But by a heat round http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCWC-eO5kXQ
  15. Ok, If Crews know their principles of operations and know what to do if something like that was to happen they could survive but would be out of the fight for sure. Such as your statement in the m1, all the commander would have to do is turn off turret power and the Auxiliary hydraulic pump off. The pressure line that is hit would loose it pressure and finally stop poring fluid everywhere. As for the Halon the Driver would suffer the most and all he would have to do is open his hatch or the commander could just turn on the NBC system to filter the Halon out.
  16. Ok I can understand, There are 2 mounts the one for the manual and gunner's handles that mount to the turret and the turret roof and the other mount is for the motor and the servo. The 2 mounts are side by side.
  17. So what your saying is that a spark can ignite FRH fluid? http://www.qclubricants.com/royco/royco_770.htm
  18. Depends on which SEP, The V1's had this feature. The V2's got 6 battery's where that used to be.
  19. http://defenceforumindia.com/forum/land-forces/208-main-battle-tanks-armour-technology-312.html http://defenceforumindia.com/forum/land-forces/208-main-battle-tanks-armour-technology-299.html http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=90432&page=14 http://defenceforumindia.com/forum/land-forces/208-main-battle-tanks-armour-technology-193.html http://g38.picoodle.com/ltd/img38/2/12/23/rossomak2/f_25g5truxmxtm_664e3bc.gif http://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/9715.html, use google translate http://btvt.narod.ru/4/armor.htm, use google translate This is interesting to read, see a lot of conversations.
  20. Look at the SB Wiki, Its still a work in progress but has been updated
  21. Yes, Yes two-way laser push button is also used at the stadia reticle for adjust range up or down
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