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  1. What are you talking about I have been celebrating for days now finally starting to run out of beer!!! Thanks again Esims, Ssnake for your hard work and making the M1A2 crewable. Its greatly appreciated. LOL
  2. Thank you Esims , Greatly appreciated
  3. Pretty good website, The information on the T tanks are awesome.
  4. This came from here: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A10gn8/Nightvisiontechnical/resources/76.htm
  5. FIRE CONTROL FCS Name: FCS 1A42 Main Gun Stabilization: 2E42, 2-plane Rangefinder: Laser Infrared Searchlight: Yes Sights w/Magnification: Gunner: Day: 1G46/Perfect, 3.6/12x Acquisition Range (m): 5,000 (85%P-hit for ATGM) Night: Agava-2 Acquisition Range (m): 2,600 (gun rounds only) Commander Fire Main Gun: Yes Here is more on the T-80U.
  6. Here something on the T80U: http://www.army-technology.com/projects/t80/
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9prhNPwia0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rSfVwSYlwA
  8. ATGM or not it still would be destroyed!!! Trust me on that
  9. My First choice would be the M1A2 and then my second choice would be the T-80. The reason my second choice would be a T-80, Is that I would enjoy emptying my entire ready rack on Darkhorse and Raven for loving the T-80 and T-90 tanks. LOL
  10. This is not true, Air pressure and Temperature you need to care about. Air density affects accuracy. Standard air temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit and barometric pressure is 29.92 inches of mercury. As air pressure increases, air density generally increases. This slows rounds, which may cause them to strike low on the target. Firing when air density is less than average has the opposite effect. The tank’s computer compensates for this effect, using values input into the system. Recommended standard inputs for major geographical areas, by seasons, should be used whenever current information is not available. Always use the current, local barometric pressure and temperature, if it is available. Temperature should be updated whenever it deviates more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit from the indexed value; barometric pressure should be updated whenever it deviates more than one inch of mercury from the indexed value.
  11. ? On a real tank you can manual enter these into the computer if you needed to. But yes its mostly auto by the sensors. You can also see the auto inputs that the tank is reading on the CCP. To be more detailed Auto inputs Crosswind , Cant, Lead, Range. Manual inputs Temperatures, Barometric Pressure, Air Temp, MRS. But all can be Manually entered if needed
  12. All i see is a dirt road with trees in the background. Maybe Steelbeasts needs to add more muddy dirt roads. LOL
  13. I think he is talking about this one: LOL
  14. Actually you could have a perfect boresight but still miss target with no CCF. At one point my gunner did this before. kept hitting the same spot in the dirt with the training heat round. We were scratching our heads and then we started checking other inputs. We checked the CCF of the round and it was set to 0.0 instead of the correct number. LOL
  15. There are many more factors involved than just boresighting to ensure accuracy. And the device is called a Muzzle Boresighting Device which is used during the boresighting procedure.
  16. I'm about 30 miles away, Its pretty bad.
  17. The normal wear and tear of the Main Gun is checked by something call borescope. This process you would stick a tube with a mirror and sighting device on the end and look inside the Main Gun Barrel checking for cracks and damage.
  18. Bore sighting exist to line the GPS sight reticle up with the LOS of the Main Gun. The computer on the Abrams uses mils for adjustment.Boresighting establishes a definitive relationship between the axis of the bore of the gun and the sights at zero super elevation, providing a basis for all sight alignment. When the tank is boresighted at a known range, the fire control system provides system parallax corrections to the gunner’s primary sight (GPS) and the thermal imaging system (TIS) at other ranges. It is impossible to fire accurately without sight alignment. When you toggle the reticle it moves the mirrors or mirror depending left, right, up and down to be lined up. The barrel goes out of alignment due to many factors, which some of these gentlemen mentioned and other such as the heat when the round is fired. The Barrel heats up and then start to warp which causes the gun to droop that would cause your shot to be off. So you would do a process called a MRS update. The MRS update is nothing more than putting the reticle/ Mirrors back onto the LOS of the Main Gun. When this happens the GPS mirrors face the collimator which is on the end of the main gun. Then that's when you toggle. If you had a gun struck you would have to removed the main gun to check the main gun mounting bolts and struts.
  19. We will miss you friend. Don't worry when you return I will be waiting. :gun: Assassin7
  20. Well maybe we should just all wait until Esim's are ready to put the information out. Who knows maybe its worth it, Instead of rushing them.
  21. no worries there is still going to be a presence of US tanks in Europe.
  22. while the TUSK package seems to be focused on survivability, not improved offense ability in urban conditiions. This is not true, The TUSK kit includes something called a CROWS 2 which is basically the same as a RWS. It also includes something call a LAGS 2 which is for the Loader for urban fighting. And lets not forget the CREW 2 system and the ERA
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