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  1. There is not a blowout panel on the hull belly just the top hull as you have marked. And they are not called turret ammo magazines, they are called BUSTLE AMMUNITION RACK'S.
  2. I had a sabot in the breech. I couldn't fire over the rear quarter of my tank (sabot petals would imbed in my engine deck). The main gun extends over the back deck so you would have nothing to worry about. The Azimuth Interference Zone goes out from the rear deck center line 70 degrees on both sides. This switch raises the Main gun to avoid the Thermal Shroud from hitting the back deck when you traverse over the rear.
  3. The Discarding Sabot separation starts after the round has left the end of the gun tube. The Discarding Sabot comes off the Penetrator as showen here in the beginning of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJNjzK8bNUU. There is a danger zone area that extends out to 1000 meters and 70 meters on both sides. This danger is for Troops may be struck by the discarded components.
  4. Thats why I said "driver is still alive", also there could be damage to the controls if the tank was hit in the front. The driver could survive, if the driver's compartment wasnt hit directly. There are many if's. If the crew was not killed they could traverse the turret to the rear and the loader could crawl in to activate the battle override.
  5. In combat emergency, when normal engine electrical control is lost, battle override will provide manual throttle. Its a lever to the right of the driver.
  6. as for the driver damage, in 99% of the cases, the driver is sitting inside the vehicle behind armour. if he sticks his head out on many tanks, his head will obstruct turret traverse. an RPG or main gun round punching into the drivers compartment, will usually end up trashing all sorts of vital stuff, like the steering yoke, brake linkages, and such. I dont think any tank driver would ever do that during engagements though and If the vital stuff is trashed and the driver is still alive he could always use the battle override to get the trashed tank to safety, hopefully. Thats when its time to see how much luck you have.
  7. True statement, but I dont believe they had the m10 charging handle and the iron sights on it like the M2HB that goes on the M1A1 Abrams tank. The gun is capable of single shot, as well as automatic fire, and operates on the short recoil principle. In this action, the bolt and barrel are initially locked together, and recoil upon firing. After a short distance, the bolt and barrel unlock, and the bolt continues to move rearwards relative to the barrel. This action opens the bolt, and pulls the belt of ammunition through the weapon, readying it to fire again, at a cyclic rate of 450 to 550 rounds per minute. The M2 HB machine can be used to destroy varying targets including lightly armored vehicles,massed troops, and aerial targets(such as helicopters and slow-flying aircraft). The M2 HB has excellent long-range accuracy, external ballistics, performance, stopping power, and lethality. The M2 HB was intentionally designed to be fit into many configurations.The M2 HB machine gun is the commander’s weapon on the Abrams tank. The M2 HB is used to engage dismounted infantry, crew-served weapons, ATGM teams,light-armor vehicles, and aircraft. The M2 HB is not integrated into the fire control system of the Abrams tank.The M2 HB machine gun can be mounted on a M3 tripod mount, which is a lightweight, portable mount that permits a high degree of accuracy and control of fire for dismounted squads. The M3 tripod consists of a tripod, a pintle, and a traversing and elevating mechanism.
  8. In another forum somebody tells the story of an Abrams in 2003 having engaged Saddam Fedayyin by TC's cal.50 with single shot, hitting with first shot, picking targets that hid in a village and villagers taken as human shields and doing this at a range in excess of 1 mile. Never heard of that one, and I was there in 2003. I have a hard time to believe this. The TC firing a single round with the .50 at over one mile, picking a single man from surrounding hostages and villagers, no dispersion, no salvo, a single round, and hitting with the first round for sure - and repeating the trick several times, and using the sights for the cal.50, not the gunner's PS or GAS for the coax. Dont believe this, The Commander's .50 is a area weapon and most of the time the gunner helps the Commander with the range, where the Commander can fire and adjust. Have seen targets hit with first rounds before ( not small targets but trucks ) but no beyound 600 meters without having to adjust. Is this believable? Even possible? Is the incident historically true? I have a hard time to believe the story, at least with these details given. I mean the TC's sights for the cal.50 and the weapon itself - they ain't no M107, right? No, The TC's cal.50 M2HB, with a M10 is mounted on the vehicle. He also says that in the Abrams, the ballistic computer can be connected to the TC's cal.50. Well, possible of course, but I did not know it before. True? Not true the TC's cal. 50 has nothing to do with the ballistic computer. Now the post by Volcano is true and the 50 above the main gun has some things to do with the FCS.
  9. The M1A1 (HA) will always be remembered as a great MBT though.
  10. Well I had fun and whatever the decision is, then we can always fire and adjust. Looking forward to next Wednesday and Friday. Keep up to good work Volcano and Mog.:gun:
  11. Have you seen this video yet put out by Daskal: Good luck in hitting any targets with your first round that lased at you greater than 1500 meters out. Even though its a T-90
  12. Very good mission, "thank you". It was fun
  13. Well I will take it if Gibsonm does not want it. Well just gonna say this " I WANT TO BE BLUEFORE CO! " ; )
  14. The vehicles spawn in the southwest corner or close to BP1. When you first start it might be hard to see your tank that you picked. If you cannot see the platoon of tanks then the mission might be corrupted during your download. Myself and some other players online just played this mission 2 days ago and had to use the other platoons, cause we were getting our butts kicked. Just tried to redownload, if it doesnt work I will put the mission on teamspeak in the in-game blue channel or send me a PM and I can email it to you. Thanks and I apologize about the issue that you are having Cobra 6
  15. I have my own reasons why and do not have to talk with you or anyone on here about the reasons.
  16. how about NO!!! This was said from you after I just stated that I think the K2 doesnt have a chance against the M1A2 SEP. there's no substance to your argument.. From my understanding we can write whatever we want as long as it does not break the rules for the forms. So dont tell me to Shut up and I will not
  17. And doesnt have to be. Have a nice day If there was a chance for this to happen which we know will not, I believe the M1A2 SEP V2 would still have the upper hand on the k2 due to these which Damian90 mentioned, the XM1111 which it could hit a target up to 12.06 km unlike the KSTAM-II which is only hitting at 8 km. But we will never see this. Just another what if and comparing tanks to documents which one tank is the best tank. Myself I believe the MBT that have seen combat and proved itself is the one on top. Until the K2's faces North Korea tanks and destroyed them like the Abrams destroyed Iraqi tanks in Desert Storm and other wars. The abrams is still top on my lists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KSTAM http://www.deagel.com/Projectiles/XM1111-Mid-Range-Munition_a001136001.aspx
  18. can most likely go toe-to-toe with the M1A2 SEPV2, and provide a very fierce fight I disagree and will leave it at that
  19. South Korean has always been ready for an attack from North Korea. The question is would it really happen with both of them knowing how it would end up like in the end. It doesnt matter if the South gets a new MBT or not, yeah its a plus, but I could only guess that if the war did happen the arty and other things would have the most effect within the first 24 hours maybe 36. With that being said I could guess that most of the Korea pensula would be hit and thousands of ppl would be killed. North Korea has been doing this crap for years even when I was there in 2002 at Camp Garry Owen. Dont know how many times we were called on alerts and other warnings thinking they are coming. It was also nice knowing that we were just a trip wire in the way if it did happen.
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