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  1. looks like a t-72 but hard to tell
  2. and the box of reticles dont forget that, just bring it to the Friday night tank battle. :biggrin:
  3. Welcome, 19K also here. Hope to see ya in the friday nights battles. How about that Ballistic Solution Sample? LOL, Cobra 6
  4. Well Teamspeak is down again
  5. Come on TS and We can let you try before TGIF and I'm pretty sure that it would not be any problem for you to play TGIF. Cobra 6
  6. This site tells some about the merkava: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkava
  7. Just wanted to take time out to say Congrats to the Woverines. We had very good communication amoung us, lets keep up the good work and learn from our mistakes from this mission. Just like Volcano said it was very intense and We were on our last breath at the end of the mission.
  8. Well im still looking for a team or team to play with. If interested just drop me a PM
  9. I guess not according to the article.
  10. Check this out: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2012/03/army-ground-combat-vehicle-bae-systems-offers-70-ton-gcv-032412w/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/baesystemsinc/6923487385/in/set-72157629334630987/
  11. Got to get me one of those. :eek2:
  12. Let me check with darkhorse and gopher if they are not going to attend the TTP, then if its ok I will join you guys.
  13. Here is some good info about some of the T-model tanks: http://www.morozov.com.ua/eng/body/t72m32.php http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/row/t80tank.htm http://army.lv/eng/?s=631&id=504 http://www.scribd.com/doc/47247131/tank
  14. He wouldnt switch to AT5 for some reason. Maybe it was the fear of a T-72M1 driving about 400 meters away.:eek2:
  15. Well for you it might have been more than just a bloody nose if the AI wasnt playing Spads ( Card game ) while he was stareing at you from behind. I think if the BMD would have been playable you might be saying something else other than a blood nose.
  16. LMAO ok dude your right good luck with your Sim. Have a nice day
  17. PS: Our USA m865 training sabot flies approx 1700 m/s. :shocked:
  18. Well that's weird, cause there is this information via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Challenger_2 It talks about a program call CLIP which states: The Challenger Lethality Improvement Programme (CLIP) is a programme to replace the current L30A1 rifled gun with the 120 mm Rheinmetall L55 smoothbore gun currently used in the Leopard 2A6. The use of a smoothbore weapon allows Challenger 2 to use NATO standard ammunition developed in Germany and the US. This includes tungsten-based kinetic energy penetrators, which do not have the same political and environmental objections as depleted uranium rounds. The production lines for rifled 120 mm ammunition in the UK have been closed for some years, so existing stocks of ammunition for the L30A1 are finite.[17] A single Challenger 2 was fitted with the L55 and underwent trials in January 2006.[18] The smoothbore gun is the same length as the L30A1, and is fitted with the rifled gun's cradle, thermal sleeve, bore evacuator and muzzle reference system. Early trials apparently revealed that the German tungsten DM53 round was more effective than the depleted uranium CHARM 3.[8] The ammunition storage and handling arrangements will need to be changed to cater for the single-piece smoothbore rounds, instead of the separate-loading rifled rounds. In 2006, a figure of £386 million was estimated to fit all Challengers in the British Army with the Rheinmetall gun.[17] Other improvements have also been considered, including a regenerative NBC protection system.[19] In May 2007, the Ministry of Defence's Future Systems Group invited BAE to tender for the Challenger 2 Capability Sustainment Program (C2 CSP), which combined all upgrades into one programme. However, by mid-2008, the programme was in danger of slipping, or even being cancelled, as a result of defence budget shortfalls.[20] Might want to look at this part: Early trials apparently revealed that the German tungsten DM53 round was more effective than the depleted uranium CHARM 3 and I find it hard to believe it would be a training round at that. Dont really believe what you say and from what I've have read, nobody else does either.
  19. -M1A2 SEP that is crewable -M1A1 with the adjustable reticle and symbols in thermals from light green to black -M1A1 with the correct GAS sighting system with both (KE meters, Staff meters) and with (MPAT meter, Heat meters) -The M1A1 SA that is crewable -A recoiling main gun if possible -In the M1A1 the ready ammo door opening and closing between loading rounds. -A playable Infantry man to fire the AT4 -Adjustable sensitive and contrast in thermals -Adjustable daylight reticle -being able to perform MRS updates during missions. Just my wish list.:biggrin:
  21. That would be somewhat how a offensive engagement would sound. From a BP 1 you would have scouts report enemy armor moving into your sector defend and report out. This one you have here the tower would have you set up on the course road and tell you to bound down the course road to a stopping point or on smaller ranges have you back up to the starting point after the engagement.The tower would command you to engage and report on the offensive. And as far as targets go here is something to help you: A minimum and maximum target spread must be used as part of the conditions for certain gunnery tables. The intent is to make sure gunners and TCs are not able to acquire both targets in a two-target engagement while in NFOV, yet limit the spread so that target spread does not become a significant factor in task difficulty from one unit gunnery or range complex to another. Given the Abrams WFOV is 16 degrees and NFOV is 6.2 degrees, the minimum spread is set equal to the NFOV, or 110 mils, while the maximum spread is set to one and one half times the WFOV or 427 mils. For example, for a target range of 1,400 to 1,600 meters, the minimum spread should be 180 meters and the maximum spread should be 670 meters.
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