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  1. Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. I want a M829E4 sabot round for Christmas :bigsmile:
  2. When I try to access my map editor, I get a message that saids " You do not have permission to access this" can someone pls tell me why?
  3. Thanks for the hard work on the update. The M1A1 interior and exterior looks really nice and alot of other things are awesome. Thanks again Esim's for you guys hard work and this update was well worth the price.:biggrin:
  4. come to teamspeak, we can help you there. If you would like
  5. Just read about the leo 1a5 and the wonderful conversation between Ssnake and Oscar. Oh by the way why dont you come online anymore?
  6. I think your the one pushing your luck!!
  7. No really, he made new ones!!! So I think ppl already know that from the downloads and the forms. I would not have posted that if darkhorse didnt make the new skins.
  8. how about anyday of the week, just like myself and darkhorse are on teamspeak almost everyday. You are more than welcome to come, infact look forward to you coming!!
  9. Canadian skins have already been made, talk to Darkhorse. You can find him at a local Steelbeasts TS near you.
  10. Well, I think he caught the front of my sabot round down range a few weeks ago. :cvcys:Jokin
  11. WOW, I see all these virtual tankers here online. Some hating and some chilling, Why dont all of you just come to TS and lets play some steelbeasts and shoot the hell out of the ones you hate. Release some of that stress the other virtual tanker gives you. Ssnake, We would love to see those gunnery skills off of youtube and in the multiplayer world, just jokin. I know you dont have time due to this great update Esim's are releasing soon. I look forward to the update and thanks for the HARD work.
  12. Umm, well hopefully you will start to play games with us instead of watch us from the exterior view. Get that joystick fixed.
  13. You are right about the thermal magnification switches, but the M1A1 SA does have the rotary ammo selection switch still. Maybe one day we will see these vehicles in steelbeasts ( M1A1 SA and the M1A2 SEP ) but I believe the military customers come first. But Im sure when Esim will have some free time they would hopefully spend that time programming these vehicles. I hope keeping my fingers crossed
  14. Thanks for the hard work Esim, I'm sure there is much more to come.So far im excited for the next update. Can't wait:gun:
  15. Thats why I do not make hardly any missions anymore to put for users to download. I got bad ratings with no reasons too. So I feel your pain. Spend hours working and taking the time to make all of these nice downloads for someone who dont care to come by and give you a bad rating with no comment.:decu: I now only make mission for my friends and myself, to play online.
  16. In a defensive engagement, the firing vehicle is positioned in a turret-down position. On command, the driver may bring the vehicle forward to clear the main weapon from the berm or battle position, moves into the hull-down position to engage target(s), then returns to the turret-down position.This is typically for Abrams, Bradley, and ASV crews, however when firing armedtrucks, the VC may wish to observe fires from the gunner and need to move forward into the “hull down” position. Basically the same thing rump is saying just added some pictures for examples. reference FM 3-20.21
  17. I would say make it where you could pick the part of the map as if you were selecting it for a mission and then edit the buildings and stuff like that. I have to write down the grid that is on a mission that I have already created and then go find the grids on the map editor. Would be alot easier I think but other than that it is pretty easy to use the tools to make missions and edit maps in steelbeasts.
  18. The enemy is always watching keep that in mind!!!
  19. Assassin 7

    STRV 122

    Thank you for your hard work! Greatly appreciated
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