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  1. Well I will take it if Gibsonm does not want it. Well just gonna say this " I WANT TO BE BLUEFORE CO! " ; )
  2. The vehicles spawn in the southwest corner or close to BP1. When you first start it might be hard to see your tank that you picked. If you cannot see the platoon of tanks then the mission might be corrupted during your download. Myself and some other players online just played this mission 2 days ago and had to use the other platoons, cause we were getting our butts kicked. Just tried to redownload, if it doesnt work I will put the mission on teamspeak in the in-game blue channel or send me a PM and I can email it to you. Thanks and I apologize about the issue that you are having Cobra 6
  3. I have my own reasons why and do not have to talk with you or anyone on here about the reasons.
  4. how about NO!!! This was said from you after I just stated that I think the K2 doesnt have a chance against the M1A2 SEP. there's no substance to your argument.. From my understanding we can write whatever we want as long as it does not break the rules for the forms. So dont tell me to Shut up and I will not
  5. And doesnt have to be. Have a nice day If there was a chance for this to happen which we know will not, I believe the M1A2 SEP V2 would still have the upper hand on the k2 due to these which Damian90 mentioned, the XM1111 which it could hit a target up to 12.06 km unlike the KSTAM-II which is only hitting at 8 km. But we will never see this. Just another what if and comparing tanks to documents which one tank is the best tank. Myself I believe the MBT that have seen combat and proved itself is the one on top. Until the K2's faces North Korea tanks and destroyed them like the Abrams destroyed Iraqi tanks in Desert Storm and other wars. The abrams is still top on my lists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KSTAM http://www.deagel.com/Projectiles/XM1111-Mid-Range-Munition_a001136001.aspx
  6. can most likely go toe-to-toe with the M1A2 SEPV2, and provide a very fierce fight I disagree and will leave it at that
  7. South Korean has always been ready for an attack from North Korea. The question is would it really happen with both of them knowing how it would end up like in the end. It doesnt matter if the South gets a new MBT or not, yeah its a plus, but I could only guess that if the war did happen the arty and other things would have the most effect within the first 24 hours maybe 36. With that being said I could guess that most of the Korea pensula would be hit and thousands of ppl would be killed. North Korea has been doing this crap for years even when I was there in 2002 at Camp Garry Owen. Dont know how many times we were called on alerts and other warnings thinking they are coming. It was also nice knowing that we were just a trip wire in the way if it did happen.
  8. looks like a t-72 but hard to tell
  9. and the box of reticles dont forget that, just bring it to the Friday night tank battle. :biggrin:
  10. Welcome, 19K also here. Hope to see ya in the friday nights battles. How about that Ballistic Solution Sample? LOL, Cobra 6
  11. Well Teamspeak is down again
  12. Come on TS and We can let you try before TGIF and I'm pretty sure that it would not be any problem for you to play TGIF. Cobra 6
  13. This site tells some about the merkava: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkava
  14. Just wanted to take time out to say Congrats to the Woverines. We had very good communication amoung us, lets keep up the good work and learn from our mistakes from this mission. Just like Volcano said it was very intense and We were on our last breath at the end of the mission.
  15. Well im still looking for a team or team to play with. If interested just drop me a PM
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