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  1. here is another one [ATTACH]9019[/ATTACH]:gun::gun:
  2. You mean like this[ATTACH]9017[/ATTACH] Leo 2A5DK
  3. WOW, I think that Heat round is as tall as she is. Hope her crew will never see any tank on tank combat. :eek2:
  4. Assassin 7

    STRV 122

    Can someone please make a interior converted to english of the STRV 122 model, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Well since we are in the topic about the abrams, can we possible see a main gun recoil ( 13 inches ) when the main gun is fired and the NBC system comes on when the weapon select switch is in coax in the next update? Also other functions of the abrams that are not in steelbeasts such as ready ammo door sliding open and close. i would have to agree, it would be nice to see a m1a1 Aim SA in steelbeasts pro pe. That would be pretty cool.
  6. Today I was playing a mission and I selected on the AI vehicle icon and clicked to shoot here at a tank. The AI tank fired coax at a enemy tank and my AI tank was destroyed by the enemy tank. There was not enemy troops in this mission and the AI tank was the SEP. What would be the cause of this and the enemy tank is out on top of a hill clearly visible.
  7. Here is something interesting about that topic: Experts believe whatever it is that knocked out the tank in August was not an RPG-7 but most likely something new — and that worries tank drivers. reference http://www.warriortalk.com/showthread.php?69149-Abrams-Tank-Penetrated-by-quot-Mystery-Weapon-quot-(2003)
  8. Very Nice Good Job Daskal:nuke:
  9. First Im not degradeing to Leclerc Tank, I believe it is a very good tank. But, all tanks have their different FCS, Armor, and Etc. There is no doubt in my mind that a Leclerc could destroy the tanks you have listen above. I believe when it all comes down to it, It would be on how the crew operates together and which tank has the element of surprise by seeing the other tank and first round down range on target.
  10. I was just a quarter of a mile away at camp corrigador, when this attack occurred on OP Hotel. This explosion blew me out of my bed :gun: http://www.militarynewsnetwork.com/videos/video280.htm
  11. Hey everybody, I just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone and I hope all is well. This is a heads up message for who are interested in Top Tank Platoon. Last year the Top Tank Platoon went smoothly and everybody enjoy all the games. I hope we will see more teams this year, whenever Volcano decides when the next TTP is going to be played. If you are interested, for now just try to get a team of 4 together. Like I said this is a very earlier notice and more than likely this TTP will not take place until after the next update ( Its all up to Volcano ). I hope to see alot of you in the next TTP, and for my team "The Gophers" I hope to see you all again, maybe we can take it this year too, hopefully.:gun:
  12. you do not need to have your ports squared away for teamspeak, just come on teamspeak and we can assist you with your portforwarding for a mulitiplayer game.
  13. Just curious, Why are you so interested in the different abrams models? I noticed that you have been asking around on tanknet too
  14. Great Job Daskal, thanks for the hard work.:drink::luxhello::gun:
  15. Wow, its been awhile since I was in service, but if I can remember correctly a 19D Scout stands for Scared Cat out underneath a Truck. Nothing but love for you guys, dont worry us DAT's get made fun of alot too. I can remember going on and on with the Scouts with jokes. :gun::drink:
  16. Yeah same thing happens with the Leo 2E and STRV 122
  17. sure, Well I just check it using a M1A1 with map updates on and the bug still occurs.
  18. What about the driver's part? If you hit a tree and try to continue forward your view can move from left to right and after the tree falls, then your view is stuck in that position until you go to another view.
  19. I also put the pictures in teamspeak in the SB lobby file browser
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