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  1. Just curious, Why are you so interested in the different abrams models? I noticed that you have been asking around on tanknet too
  2. Great Job Daskal, thanks for the hard work.:drink::luxhello::gun:
  3. Wow, its been awhile since I was in service, but if I can remember correctly a 19D Scout stands for Scared Cat out underneath a Truck. Nothing but love for you guys, dont worry us DAT's get made fun of alot too. I can remember going on and on with the Scouts with jokes. :gun::drink:
  4. Yeah same thing happens with the Leo 2E and STRV 122
  5. sure, Well I just check it using a M1A1 with map updates on and the bug still occurs.
  6. What about the driver's part? If you hit a tree and try to continue forward your view can move from left to right and after the tree falls, then your view is stuck in that position until you go to another view.
  7. I also put the pictures in teamspeak in the SB lobby file browser
  8. I'm not sure if you guys already know about this. I was editing one of my mission and I set the map for no map view. I then played my mission on single player and seen the map still displayed during the mission. I then hit the F5 key and my turret traversed left. My view then moved into the loader position inside the turret. I also was driving at one point and I hit a tree. I was then able to move my view from left to right while trying to take down the tree. All of this happen in the Leo 2E and the STRV 122. I have pictures of this but I do not know how to put them in the forms here.Thanks :gun:
  9. Here are some pictures off of CNN. OUCH!!!! :gun:
  10. Version 1.0


    Same mission as the Assault on Libya. I changed the enemy movement and added different enemy tanks. This mission you are in charge of M1A1, M2A2, Leo 2E's and Piranha's.
  11. Version 1.0


    You are to plan an assault into Libya to take Gadhafi out of power and you have to gain control of 3 cities and a airbase. You are in control of M1A1, M1, Leo AS1 and M2A2 Bradleys.
  12. Assassin 7


    Version 1.0


    In this scenario you are to be on guard at a checkpoint. You have M1A1's, Humvee's and Bradleys. There has been insurgent activity in your area lately. There is civilian traffic that will go through your checkpoint. Be sure to pay attention to the BOLO. No PW
  13. :luxhello::luxhello::luxhello::luxhello:
  14. Assassin 7

    M1A2 playable?

    So we just found out some information about the challenger2, which i cant wait for the update. Is there going to be any M1A2 playable such as the a M1a2, M1a2 Aim SA, the SEP or SEP version 2? just askin:gun:
  15. Version 1.0


    You are in charge of 2 companies, Alpha ( M1A1 and Bradleys) and Bravo ( Leo 2A5 and CV 90 / 40C ). Georiga has ask for our help from the Russian invasion. No PW
  16. Thanks for the hard work, cant wait.:gun:
  17. Well check this out, I went to my reserve training this last weekend. Wow, on friday we went to a camp and they let us use VBS2 for training with IED's. Yeah, well all morning was spent learning about the system and how the keys work. Then we finally conducted a mission. Let me tell you, it was so bad and the lag was horriable. The driver could be driving on the road while one of the other passengers could see the vehicle in the water. Its funny cause the instructors blamed us for the lag and stated "I have never seen this happen before," come on guy, you are there every day with the the computers we used. The training was bad and really no one i think took it very serious. I think that general dynamics should look into contracting with Esimgames. I believe that Steelbeasts is a more professional simulator and does very well with alot of players online as far as lag goes. But whats funny, is that the player here on steelbeasts are more professional than other soldiers actually in service. Sadly but true, I have seen this and all i could do is just put my head down in shame. These soldiers should remember all our soldiers fighting over there. I'm glad to be a customer of steelbeasts. Thanks :gun:
  18. Damn, this bring back memories. Go Assassin 2/69 armor, Panthers 3rd Infantry Division. Lead by Col. JR Sanderson, Darling 6. As I remember " Speed and Power, Sir "
  19. Version 1.0


    you have to cross enemy lines to rescue a delta sniper team. The sniper team was on a mission and was spotted, now they are running for their lives while you are to plan a rescue taking over 3 objectives during the rescue assault.
  20. Interesting stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0X1y3AzBis&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIhvVt9wFk8 I know that this has been out for awhile, but could you image what they have now.:gun:
  21. Very Very Nice Darklabor:gun::drink:
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