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  1. Here is the video: 360513914_2021-05-2318-31-31.mp4
  2. So today game I shot a T-72B1 center mass with DM63A1 from less than 1000 meters and no damage at all. So according the the SB wiki that should be the weakest part of the T-72. Maybe something to look into? T-72B1 (m.1985) - SBWiki (steelbeasts.com)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... Operation Iron Fists 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: 64th Opfor has had its eye on 3/66AR for many years. Border skirmishes have increased. Tensions are rising. There is a definite escalation in hostilities. It is not full out war. Yet! A few days ago, 64th opfor Scouts were caught in the town of Horodkivka. They were taken to HQ for interrogation. One of the Scouts revealed that an all-out invasion on 3/66 land was imminent….He was talking days! b) Own: 2/69AR forces have been deployed to 3/66AR country for war games and training for such an event of an invasion. The Command intent is to help prevent an invasion at all costs and to provide assistance to 3/66AR forces if needed. 2/69 Company is assigned as a quick reaction force to cross the Border and provide a Hasty Defense. c) Attachments and detachments: 2/69 Forces: Playable platoons: Check Triggers options AI Platoons: Alpha: 4 platoons of M1A2 SEP's Bravo: 2 platoons of M2A2's TOWs with missile teams/Javelins 1 platoon of CV90/35-NL's with missiles teams/Spikes Charlie: Support- Resupply, Fuel, Medics, Mechanics Delta: AH-64 Apache's on station after 60 minutes. Other Support elements: 101st Airborne with CH-47's, Apaches, Missile Teams/Javelins F-16 support with 500 lb Bombs-15 missions, 5 Aircraft Arty:Off map-HE=60, Smoke=60, ICM=60 Tubes per battery 6 Batteries 6 Total: HE :2160 Smoke:2160 ICM:2160 Smart Ammuntion available 6 MLRS's 141th elements: Alpha: 3 platoons of Leopard 2A4's 3/66th elements: 8 Platoons of T-80U 3 Platoons of T-72B's 2 Platoons of T-64B's 2) MISSION: 2/69AR Company is to provide a quick reaction force to support 3/66 Forces by moving eastward and setting up a hasty defense to engage and destroy all enemy elements encountered in player EA zone. Your Platoon is to conduct a road march down route Blue to set up in Battle Position 1 to defend against any enemy elements that is encountered. 3) EXECUTION: 2/69 Company will hold position and await orders from Black 6 to move eastward into planned defensive battle positions. Your platoon will stand-by until it is your time to move out following 5/A down route blue. Order of March: -1/A -3/A -5/A -Playable Tank platoon-3 optional Triggers- M1A2 platoon, Challenger-2 platoon or Leopard 2a6 Platoon -Can have forward playable M2A2's 1B and 4B Platoons and CV90 /40C-5B platoon using trigger's also if needed. Mission designed by: Assassin7 Updated on 5-19-2021
  4. Whom ever takes 66, I will send you the mission and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  5. From my understanding this feature does not work in multiplayer. The exterior view disabled only works in single player mode
  6. Server AAR: Wacht_am_Rhein_Mission_2_Gamefile_Mission_2_deployed_BP.rar
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