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  1. I must say I am really impressed by K2PL and K2M design. These concepts are simply new, better designed hull and turret for basic K2 Black Panther components. K2PL/K2M do not have weak zones in their front projection + side and rear protection had been improved. Also ergonomics were improved. It is said that K2PL/K2M is being designed with fully isolated turret and hull ammo magazines with blow off panels. IMHO K2PL/K2M offers better protection than Leopard 2A7V and comparable protection as M1A2SEPv3, but at lower weight, which is said by Hyundai Rotem to be calculated at around ~60 metric ton
  2. Some simulations were done in context of the new Polish 120x570mm APFSDS the Pz531 Mk2. Simulation considered 6 various armor types with different internal design and thickness of the entire array. Arrays are designated from W1 to W6. Their thickness is. W1 7 x 40 = 280/60° = 560mm W2 7 x 40 + 6 x 20 = 400/60° = 800mm W3 2 x 40 + 10 x 20+ 11 x 20 = 500/60° = 1,000mm W4 2 x 40 + 20 x 10 + 21 x 20 = 700/60° = 1,400mm W5 2 x 40 + 8 x 20 + 9 x 20 = 420/60° = 840mm W6 4 x 40 + 3 x 80 = 400/60° = 800mm Here are test results.
  3. This just shown up on various forums.
  4. UK will upgrade Challenger 2 within LEP program. As I heard they consider very seriously this solution from Rheinmetall. Which is based on basic LEP upgrade.
  5. It is one of the considered options for the "Wilk" ("Wolf") program.
  6. No, all electrooptics and thermal cameras are made in Poland by PCO (Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki - Industrial Optics Center) in Warsaw. This includes thermal cameras of various types including 3rd generation thermal camera KLW-1 Asteria. https://pcosa.com.pl/en/home/
  7. Borsuk (Badger) tracked IFV and Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled IFV , both with ZSSW-30 unmanned turret, armed with 30mm Mk44S Bushmaster II chain gun, 7.62mm UKM-2000C coaxial machine gun and Spike ATGM launcher. HSW project of a lightweight turret, that can be used for example in BMP-1 modernization. Armed with 30mm Mk44S Bushmaster II turret, 7.62mm UKM-2000C coaxial machine gun and Spike ATGM's. Such lightweight turret can find other applications.
  8. This is a second prototype of the new Polish IFV Borsuk (Badger). This second prototype was recently tested at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area. From what we know tests went very well. If everything else goes well mass production is scheduled to begin in 2022/2023. Polish Army will need around 848-928 Borsuk in IFV variant. Planned are also: C2 variant Oset - 151 vehicles. MEDEVAC variant Gotem - 115 vehicles. RECON variant Żuk - 144 vehicles. ARV variant Gekon - 76 vehicles. CBRN variant Ares - 29 vehicles. Self propelled gun-mortar M120G Rak - 128 vehicles. In to
  9. This tank is based on Seongun-Ho tank which is a further evolution of a T-62 based designs like Chonma-Ho and Pookpung-Ho.
  10. So it seems that first unit that receives newly upgraded Leopard 2A4's to Leopard 2PL standard is 1st Armored Brigade stationing in Warsaw capital city. At this moment around 8 tanks should be handed over to the Polish Army, so two fill platoons. 1st Armored Brigade will use a combination of 105 Leopard 2A5's and 14 Leopard 2PL's. While rest of the Leopard 2A4's, which is 128 tanks will be also upgraded to Leopard 2PL standard and will be used by 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade. Also these photos are proof that Leopard 2PL's handed over to 1st Armored Brigade are at their first excercices at Nowa
  11. When it comes to Poland, new tank that most likely just like it's program will be codenamed Wilk (Wolf), would gradually replace all currently used tank types in Polish Armed Forces inventory. So first to be replaced are T-72M and T-72M1 tanks (currently overhauled and modified to T-72MR and T-72M1R standard). Second in line to be replaced are PT-91 tanks. Then Leopard 2A4/Leopard 2PL tanks and last ones will be Leopard 2A5's. We can assume that first to receive new tanks would be 11th Armored Cavalry Division with it's 10th and 34th Armored Cavalry Brigades. So we can estimat
  12. Huyndai Rotem presented this year at MSPO 2020 expo, their redesigned K2 as K2PL for Polish Army. Changes in design: 1. Driver station moved to the hull center longitudinal axis. 2. Hull ammo storage will be moved to a new isolated magazine with blow off panels between turret and engine compartment. 3. Reinforced armor protection, especially on sides of the turret and hull. 4. Turret is enlarged. 5. Weight increases from 55 metric tons of basic K2 to +/- ~60 metric tons for K2PL. As for armor physicall thickness, it is most
  13. ere we can see addon armor and ballast plates thickness, these are welded to turret front of M1A2SEPv2's equipped with Trophy HV active protection system. It also shows how much armor was factory standard thickened in M1A2SEPv3. We estimated with my friend these addon plates are ~160-180mm thick and M1A2SEPv3 front turret armor is turret more or less thicker by such value compared to previous M1A1 and M1A2 variants. Obviouslu this is only estimation, but the plate even seen by naked eye, is obviously thicker than 100mm.
  14. AFAIK all 3rd generation MBT's have the same turret ring diameter. However other factors as you said may come in to play, like hull and turret geometry. This is why Leopard 2 and Leclerc hybrid needed turret adaptor, because Leopard 2 hull roof is going upwards, and could thus interfere with Leclerc turret rotation capability as the turret is not designed for such hull geometry. We only know at the moment that current British Army requirement that is a must is a 120mm smoothbore gun for Challenger 2 Mk2 (LEP). So Rheinmetall turret is already taken as a basis for tank upg
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