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  1. Ok, so it seems that indeed Polish Army tank fleet in future will be made from two tank types, M1A2SEPv3 and K2PL. Our MoD is having a long visit right now in Republic of Korea, talking with our Korean partners about possible technology transfers, licenses etc.
  2. So Polish MoD sent Letter of Request for 500 M142 HIMARS launchers. It's worth to mention that we want to procure only launchers + missiles. Trucks will be Polish Jelcz, also FCS will be Polish Topaz. There is also talk about procuring license for at least one type of missiles, I guess GMLRS or GMLRS-ER.
  3. US is considering to expedite production of M1A2SEPv3's for Poland. This means that M1A2SEPv3's production would have priority over production for US Army and Australia. Another option that is considered and do not exclude option no.1 is to provide additional tanks to Poland via Lend Lease. Subject is discussed around 1:06:00.
  4. Poland just signed contract with MBDA for license production of Brimstone ATGM for new 4x4 tank destroyer. https://newsroom.mbda-systems.com/pgz-mbda-uk-agreement-for-tank-destroyers/ Vehicle configuration will probably look like this graphic: However it will use new chassis codeveloped by HSW and Tatra. Here some graphics of Tatra/HSW 4x4. Ex-Polish T-72M1R's upgraded with ERA. in Ukrainian service.
  5. Our excercises are mostly done at several training areas like Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Nowa Dęba Training Area etc. Photos I posted are from Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area which is the largest Training Center in Poland. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Poligon+Wojskowy,+DW175,+78-500/@53.4447351,15.809585,9176m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47011f28316cc549:0x51b4106f75f268de!8m2!3d53.4262205!4d15.8041012?hl=pl-PL
  6. Some more photos from Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area where tank crews from 1st Armored Brigade are going through initial course on M1A2SEPv2's before we will receive our M1A2SEPv3's.
  7. From US we will buy right now KEW-A1 APFSDS and we already have green light to buy KEW-A4 APFSDS as soon as it will complete all trails and mass production will commence. Polish M1A2SEPv3's will also be certified to use DM63A1 APFSDS and also Polish designed and produced Pz531 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 APFSDS. Our M1A2SEPv3's will also use M830A1 MPAT, M1147 HEMP and Polish designed and produced Pz541 HE.
  8. First tank crews from 1st Armored Brigade are starting their training course at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area. At the moment they will use 28 M1A2SEPv2's provided by US Army, untill our new M1A2SEPv3's will be produced and shiped to Poland.
  9. Polish MoD just informed that first Polish soldiers went to US to be trained in use of M1 tanks. These are not the front line tank crews, but future instructors that will train further soldiers here in Poland.
  10. Concept models of the "Sona" VSHORAD/SHORAD systems. 1. Combat vehicle on Rosomak chassis, armed with 1x 35mm autocannon with programmable ammunition, and 4x Piorun 2 missiles. 2. Combat vehicle on K9PL chassis with modernized Loara-A turret armed with 2x 35mm autocannons with programmable munitions and 4x Piorun 2 missiles. 3. Laser system based on Rosomak chassis.
  11. We would not add requirements. The goal was to aquire rights for production in Poland. As for program being bollocks. Well I was not the one making decisions back then. If it would depend on my decision, I would either seek to get license for M1. Or more preferably, already make agreement with Republic of Korea, for K2PL. But I am not a decision maker. And I agree, let's stop this, too much politics involved.
  12. T-72M1R is just refirbishment + thermal camera. Nothing special, still obsolete. PT-91's are still obsolete. Leopard 2's are still obsolete! Their armor protection is obsolete, you think we don't know what armor they have? Type B armor provide less protection vs KE than T-72M1 armor! Most of our Leopard 2A4's use Type B armor, which provised ~350mm vs KE. Some A4's have Type C armor, which provides protection comparable to T-72M1, which is ~410-420mm vs KE. Leopard 2A5's have Type C armor on the hull and Type D armor on the turret. Type D provides ~600mm vs KE. All these is simply obsolete! MGCS from France-Germany is a no go, because we were told to screw ourselfs, we are not allowed to join. No wonder considering EU is a club of sates with double standards, where some countries are treated better than others. Besides MGCS is a program with death star syndrome. Up to this day Germany and France can't agree on basic requirements, they can't agree on what gun they will use, not to mention costs! You seen how much money will cost to build only technology demonstrators of MGCS? This program is bollocks! I guess for the same money thatwill be put in to MGCS program, we could procure ~1000 M1A2SEPv3's or K2PL's.
  13. Are you serious?! You consider obsolete T-72M and T-72M1 tanks as equal or superior to Bellarusian and Russian fleet of T-72B's and their modifications?! Besides this is our security, Myself and my fellow citizens do not feel any necessity to explain ourselfs to anyone.
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