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  1. https://www.defence24.pl/blaszczak-pieniadze-z-nowelizacji-budzetu-min-na-abramsy First funds are secured by Polish MoD and government for procurement of M1A2SEPv3's.
  2. So it seems that M1A2SEPv3's for Poland are formally confirmed also by US side.
  3. The problem with Abrams is that most likely it's upper glacis have changing thickness. Over driver compartment it's ~50mm thick, however over fuel tanks it might be thicker, perhaps ~80mm angled at 83 degrees.. We have photos that might confirm this theory, showing different thickness over glacis plate around driver hatch and above fuel tanks. @Ssnake@dejawolf This is probably worth considering in the vehicle model in SB ProPE. Also steel used, we might assume that two types of steel is used when building M1's. General structure is made from MIL-A-12560 steel with thickness ranging from 4.23mm to 152.4mm, hardness ranging from 363 to 400 BHN, yield strength 1187 MPa, tensile strenght 1318 MPa. While for specific parts and probably inside composite armor, MIL-A-46100 steel with thickness ranging from 2.5 to 50mm, hardness 477-534 BHN, yield strenght 1480 MPa and tensile strenght 1655 MPa.
  4. Polish Minister of Defence in Washington D.C. talked with Secretary of Defence, MoD says everything is on the right track to procure M1A2SEPv3's and first tanks should be shipped to Poland next year, if everything goes as planned. Tommorow Polish MoD will visit Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio.
  5. So going through archives I found two interesting publications. First is Ballisticians in War and Peace vol.3 where I found description of Ballistic Research Laboratory work on M1A2 (variant fielded in 1992) hull front armor, that had 35% increased protection vs KE and 25% increased protection vs SC threats compared to basic M1A1. I also found another publication, The US Army Laboratories at Watertown that provides description of work that Watertown and BRL done in 1988-1991 timeframe on Tandem Ceramic Armor, which provided 33% increase in KE protection. This is very interesting co-relation and both are in timeframe of M1A2 development. So perhaps hull front of the M1A2 used some sort of armor based on ceramics? Also Ballisticians in War and Peace vol.3 mentions something called KE Backpacks as improvement used in M1IP and M1A1 armor, to increase their KE protection. Perhaps these KE Backpacks were also some sort of steel/ceramic/steel armor, combined with existing NERA arrays? Food for thoughts. Links to sources: https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA300522.pdf https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA305301.pdf
  6. https://www.gov.pl/web/obrona-narodowa/czolgi-abrams-dla-sil-zbrojnych-rp?fbclid=IwAR0JGpqcl02JHXGBBgttnSOSRTwfAZWQlG3QFqhkIAn5TnCkMXbVmQrdplY Huge news, Polish MoD confirms Poland is purchasing M1A2SEPv3's. Tommorow in Wesoła where 1st Armored Brigade is stationed, MoD will present details at 11:00 local time.
  7. New tank, M1A2 or other type is meant to replace T-72 in short term. In mid term PT-91 and in long term also Leopard 2.
  8. M1A2SEPv3 weights 66.6 metric tons, not 72.
  9. If the rumors are true, september might be very interesting. 🤔
  10. https://www.defence24.pl/borsuk-na-dragonie-21 Some more informations about Borsuk IFV. 3 vehicles were built so far, a pre prototype (model), 1st prototype which was used for ballistic tests, and 2nd prototype currently tested. Polish goverment so far invested 75 mln PLN in to the project, which translates to ~20 mln USD. Through entire 2021 vehicle will go through initial factory trails. In 2022 it will go through state/military qualification trails, if successfull, 2023/2024 contract will be signed and manufacturing phase will commence. It is also confirmed by HSW, that they are working on heavy IFV, so called "Heavy Borsuk", but at the moment no details had been provided.
  11. Borsuk IFV is moving slowly towards series production. We only need to complete it's final qualification trails and do the paper work. Right now vehicle is tested by Polish Ground Forces at Nowa Dęba training grounds. It have ramp and a door in ramp. Access to the unmanned ZSSW-30 is also provided from the vehicle interior.
  12. Update on the Polish Army next MBT program codename "Wilk" ("Wolf"). At the moment there are several options considered. 1. Domestic design prepared by OBRUM, we do not know it's current stage at the moment but it's possible it will be a design with unmanned turret. Like this early graphic. Because it is domestic design, it can be considered as one of the favorites. 2. US offers M1 Abrams tank, however we do not know what variants are offered and other details of the offer at this stage. However M1 is definately considered as one of the favorites. 3. Sout Korea with K2PL. Here we know the most. South Korea offers full technology transfer and polonization. K2PL itself is newly designed, better turret and hull for K2 Black Panther subsystems. South Korea offers to fund R&D phase and provide Poland with preferential credits to build production capabilities in Poland. Besides that this offer includes large cooperation in terms of both military and civilian industry. K2PL is considered as one of the favorites, also because South Korea is investing a lot in Poland, including large Ion-Lithium batteries factory and new Central Airport Hub. 4. Recently information was shown that Deputy Minister of the State Assets Zbigniew Gryglas, was talking with Turkish representatives of the Turkish Defense Cooperation. So there is possibility that Turkey might offer Altay MBT. No more details are known at this moment. We need probably need to wait to MSPO expo this year to know more. But the fact is, more competition is good.
  13. I must say I am really impressed by K2PL and K2M design. These concepts are simply new, better designed hull and turret for basic K2 Black Panther components. K2PL/K2M do not have weak zones in their front projection + side and rear protection had been improved. Also ergonomics were improved. It is said that K2PL/K2M is being designed with fully isolated turret and hull ammo magazines with blow off panels. IMHO K2PL/K2M offers better protection than Leopard 2A7V and comparable protection as M1A2SEPv3, but at lower weight, which is said by Hyundai Rotem to be calculated at around ~60 metric tons. In general I really hope that cooperation with Republic of Korea will be choosen and K2PL will be our next gen MBT, codenamed "Wilk" ("Wolf"). K2PL: K2M: K2M photos by Hubert Marciniak. K2 have very advanced fire control system and optics. It's thermal sight have zoom levels comparable to M1A2SEP. It is 4x, 15x, 30x and 60x, however I am not certain if day channel also might have such zoom levels. Official statements also say that K2 120mm K279 APFSDS can penetrate ~700mm of RHA. We also know that basic K2 front armor was tested against K279 and armor was capable to stop it. Worth to consider that K2PL/K2M front turret and hull armor is thicker. K2 TC station. K2 gunner station. We can slightly see where the turret front armor ends in front of gunner primary sight. Interior of the K2 Black Panther turret. Driver station and hull ammunition rack in basic K2. K2PL and K2M aims at eliminating this dangerous ammo rack and replace it with single or two smaller fully isolated ammo racks with blow off panels. At the moment we know that within "Wilk" program, Polish Army and MoD already talked with Hyundai Rotem about their proposal, and we can assume from small information we have, that K2PL is considered (and might be considered very seriously, considering what former chief of the Land Forces said recently in interview, as well that just few days ago Polish and Korean goverments signed agreement on strategic cooperation, and that Korea will help to build new very large airport). Another confrmed contenders for "Wilk" program are M1 Abrams (variant unknown), and also probably Leopard 2 (also variant unknown). However only Republic of Korea and Hyundai Rotem during last year MSPO mentioned what they offer, which is full license and polonization of the K2PL, Korea would finance development of prototypes and also give Poland preferential credits to build and start production line in Poland. As well as further cooperation in civilian and military industry.
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