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  1. 4 hours ago, mpow66m said:

    Ok.I thought I heard 280.Whats gonna happen to the Leos?I think we know the fate of thr warsaw pact equiptment.How many Abrams does Poland hv.?


    Leopard 2's will stay in service untill enough K2PL's won't be procured, after that, all Leopard 2's will be withdrawn from active service.

    As for Abrams, currently we lease 28 M1A2SEPv2's from US Army for training purposes, on order are 116 refurbished M1A1SA's and 250 brand new M1A2SEPv3's, in future more might be ordered. M1A1SA's are planned to be upgraded to M1A2SEPv3 standard at some point in future.

  2. 1 hour ago, mpow66m said:

    Poland just ordeted 280 K2s and are developing the K2PL with them.


    Actually we ordered 180 K2's, and with Korea we are developing K2PL which we plan to procure around 820 so in total there will be 1000 K2 and K2PL tanks in Polish Army as per current MoD plans.

  3. 8 hours ago, munckmb said:

    Wow! At this rate they are going to be one of the better equipped armies in Europe. The Dutch are almost useless, equipment wise, we gave away most of our heavy firepower to Ukraine. Let's see if Poland also buys modern ssk's quicker then the Netherlands. Politics sucks. Well done Poland.


    Right now work is done to start producing our new FFG's within "Miecznik" ("Swordfish") programme. SSK programme codenamed "Orka" ("Orca") is ongoing, Navy is quiet about it, but as far as I heard, something is going on.

  4. Ok, an update, because this is huge! Informations I will provide below, is from Armaments Agency spokesman Col. Krzysztof Płatek. Polish MoD plans:


    - 116 M1A1SA to be upgraded to M1A2SEPv3.

    - 250 new built M1A2SEPv3.

    - 180 K2 to be upgraded to K2PL.

    - 820 K2PL produced in RoK and Poland.

    - K3PL a future MBT developed in cooperation between Poland and Republic of Korea.

    - T-72's, PT-91's and Leopard 2's will be completely withdrawn from service.


    - 1000-1400 Borsuk IFV.

    - Heavy IFV based on AS21 Redback, total numbers to be procured unknown at this moment.

    155mm SPH's:

    - 144 AHS Krab.

    - 48 K9A1 to be upgraded in future to K9PL.

    - 642 K9PL based on K9A2.

    - Codevelopment between Poland and Republic of Korea for next generation 155mm SPH.


    - Polish MoD is interested in K239 Chunmoo to supplement procurement of M142 HIMARS and WR-40 Langusta-2.

  5. 7 hours ago, munckmb said:


    Why? What's with the mixing of equipment? Is it politics again? Now they are buying K2's.

    Phase 1 = ~180 K2's from Republic of Korea. Phase 2 = probably ~400 K2PL's.

    This is probably the plan. It is also officialy confirmed by MoD, all T-72's, PT-91's and Leopard 2's will be withdrawn from service, replaced by 366 M1A2SEPv3's (116 upgraded M1A1SA's and 250 new built M1A2SEPv3's) and 580 K2/K2PL. Also worth to mention, MoD might procure some additional M1's in future if there will be such need.


    In simple words. T-72's, PT-91's and Leopard 2's are going out, and we stay only with M1A2SEPv3's and K2/K2PL's.

  6. 294333219_5369313103161156_7632603685490




    First M1A2SEPv2's for Polish Army traning center for crew delivered.

    Second important information, MoD said, that at some point, 116 M1A1SA's we bought, will be upgraded to M1A2SEPv3 standard.


    Photos are by Z Obiektywem Obok Munduru team.

  7.  https://www.polsatnews.pl/wiadomosc/2022-07-14/mariusz-blaszczak-w-programie-gosc-wydarzen/?ref=aside_najnowsze

    Minister of Defence, Vice Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, just confirmed that Poland and USA agreed that US will provide Poland with additional older M1's (variant unknown yet) besides 250 M1A2SEPv3's we bought. How many of these additional M1's will be provided remain to be seen.



    Podkreślił, że Polska pracuje nad "uzupełnieniem braków", czego przykładem jest kontrakt ze Stanami Zjednoczonymi, na dostawę 250 czołgów Abrams. - Będziemy mieć też uzupełnione jednostki przez starszego typu czołgi Abrams.

    He stressed that Poland is working on "filling the gaps", an example of which is the contract with the United States for the supply of 250 Abrams tanks. - We will also have units completed by older Abrams tanks.


  8. 11 hours ago, iamfritz said:

    Well, ever since some of the tankers in a F%$#book group said how much they loved the loose Ma Deuce and personally sending .50 cal vengeance upon insurgents I've been partial to that version anyway.


    Currently standard for M1A2SEPv2's and M1A2SEPv3's (and in future M1A2SEPv4's) is CROWS-LP, so RWS stays on tank, just in different lower profile variant.

  9. FWhw1JtWIAARfm0?format=jpg&name=large



    Polish 155mm Krab SPH's were provided to Ukrainian Army, 18 SPH's + C2 and support vehicles. It seems they are very liked by Ukrainian Army, so liked that Ukrainians ordered 50-60 more.




    It seems that Poland will use in future not one, but two modern IFV's. It will be domestic amphibious Borsuk, and heavier IFV. It seems that this heavier IFV will be South Korean AS21 Redback, which will be modified to use Polish made ZSSW-30 unmanned turret the same used in Borsuk IFV, probably some other modifications will be made as well.




    And first 70 from 300 purchased Cougar 4x4 MRAP's Polish MoD procured are already in Poland. These vehicles on avarage drived only around 200km, so they are like factory fresh. All Cougars we bought have TAK-4 suspension system. Right now first vehicles are being modified to meet Polish Army requirements and will be repainted in Polish Army camouflage scheme.


    Ok, so it seems that indeed Polish Army tank fleet in future will be made from two tank types, M1A2SEPv3 and K2PL. Our MoD is having a long visit right now in Republic of Korea, talking with our Korean partners about possible technology transfers, licenses etc.


    So Polish MoD sent Letter of Request for 500 M142 HIMARS launchers.

    It's worth to mention that we want to procure only launchers + missiles. Trucks will be Polish Jelcz, also FCS will be Polish Topaz. There is also talk about procuring license for at least one type of missiles, I guess GMLRS or GMLRS-ER.



  12. US is considering to expedite production of M1A2SEPv3's for Poland. This means that M1A2SEPv3's production would have priority over production for US Army and Australia.

    Another option that is considered and do not exclude option no.1 is to provide additional tanks to Poland via Lend Lease.

    Subject is discussed around 1:06:00.



  13. 10 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:

    Reported up-coming field ex, where is this taking place, any info?


    Our excercises are mostly done at several training areas like Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Nowa Dęba Training Area etc.


    Photos I posted are from Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area which is the largest Training Center in Poland.



  14. 3 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:

    Will the 120 ammo be produce there, or will purchase from USA? 


    Thinking supply chain issues.


    From US we will buy right now KEW-A1 APFSDS and we already have green light to buy KEW-A4 APFSDS as soon as it will complete all trails and mass production will commence.

    Polish M1A2SEPv3's will also be certified to use DM63A1 APFSDS and also Polish designed and produced Pz531 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 APFSDS.

    Our M1A2SEPv3's will also use M830A1 MPAT, M1147 HEMP and Polish designed and produced Pz541 HE.

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