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  1. Never too complex for me, even when I may not necessarily understand it all. Simulations of any kind are my thing, and the more realism, the better. I was one of those relatively small number of folks who bought VBS3 PE when it was made available to non-military customers for a while. I would hate to see SB move away from that style of gaming but there are, of course, areas where it makes sense to simplify. Logistics is one area - given the time scale of the actions SB covers, at least the PE version, unlimited supply from vehicles is a reasonable adaptation. I don't need to manage that, but I do need to manage keeping them in one piece. As it is now, I think SB does a great job of striking a balance. Will I ever know all the vehicles inside-out? No. But if I know what I'm going to be using, say for TGIF, it's easy enough to study up during the week before. SB is definitely a hobby for me. I like to play it, I like to work on maps, I like to work on scenarios. I expect to do a lot more of it once I retire.
  2. Toyguy

    Monolithic Wall

    Steel Beasts - Game of Thrones edition 😊
  3. It’s truly minor but I’d really like to see more residential building choices for single homes. Doing large tracts of such housing for towns and cities looks horribly repetitive.
  4. That doesn’t seem like it would ever work as a new number is being requested each time, thus the condition could be false each time. You’d want to request once, then act on it if less than 50 or else take the other route. No need to request another value.
  5. Yep, you guys were right on - definitely a theme issue. Thanks for the tips!
  6. This is in the map editor, with a patch of freshly placed concrete. All other map editor textures seem fine so far also. It’s also clearly a textured blue, not black. It is an imported map that I was working on in v4.0 though. I’ll check it out further.
  7. Looks like concrete is rendering incorrectly in the 4.159 map editor. Maybe this is where all the water went? 🤣
  8. Toyguy

    No UI Access

    Thanks guys - got it working using those tips. The text in-game is now a little small but I can live with it.
  9. Toyguy

    No UI Access

    I am on a 4K monitor, but the resolution the game is running at appears much lower than that. The menu screen is quite blocky with very large font sizes - nothing like it used to look on 4.019.
  10. Toyguy

    No UI Access

    Wondering if anyone has seen this behavior with the new 4.023... Installed fresh after removing the old one. Game launches correctly and the Main Menu appears, albeit in a very low resolution. The problem is I have no ability to use the menu. There's no mouse pointer and the usual keyboard suspects, like Tab and the arrow keys, do nothing either. All I can do is kill the window from the task bar. Thanks! Dave
  11. 2-pies - yep, you can hit the numpad PgUp, or maybe PgDn, can't remember so try both :-) but only once you are in SEEK mode with the SEEK light on.
  12. Interesting. Did you, by chance, relocate them yourself? On my system, it works perfectly. I hit C to get them moving on the predefined route, and once they get there, they immediately set up the system. I did read elsewhere that they must have a tactic on the route endpoint or they won't set up. The predefined route in the scenario does have a tactic assigned.
  13. I've just uploaded a small 10 minute scenario that helps show how to use the Javelin missile teams in-game. It should show up for downloading once it's approved. I did this to help myself learn about some of the other systems now in SB as they've become more prevalent and important. When playing, just follow the message prompts in the chat area as they appear. Any problems, comments, suggestions, let me know here!
  14. Toyguy

    Javelin Tutorial

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple scenario designed to teach and practice the use of the Javelin missile system.
  15. I've actually started on a little "keep myself amused" type of project to convert some of the old Panzerblitz scenarios to Steel Beasts scenarios. More modern equipment, of course, but there won't be any fancy thermals or LRFs. Might be fun, might be boring. I'll know in a week or so :-)
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