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  1. Are there any n00b-proof spots that me and a friend can take? We've only been playing platoon sized coops with each other in mp for a couple of weeks, so I'd rather not learn to lead a cpy during LNoT if you know what I mean :biggrin:
  2. As a new SB player I agree with you. I'm currently liking the beachAV8R threads a lot, because seeing it from someone else's POV helps a lot (and it got me back playing SB again, after a couple of weeks not touching the game). It would be nice if more VU's would make video AAR's like ARRC did (although they now all seem to be deleted on youtube...), because A, they make new players interested in MP play, and B, they make new players interested in joining your VU's gamenight some time. And btw, off-topic people, putting all this whining and complaining in a thread that baits new/n00b SB players is probably not the smartest thing...
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