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  1. :clin: Yeah, I think I'll actually resurrect those old AARs (I think there were four of them) and reformat for the new site, then start adding new ones. I *really* enjoyed SB..mostly because it stems from my love for maps and slower moving simulations that reward strategy. I think that is why I've always favored helicopter sims when it comes to aviation sims (LB2 and DCS Ka-50). We look forward to featuring some SB content. You guys have always been very helpful in the past and no doubt you'll have to endure some dumb questions... Regards, Chris "BeachAV8R" Frishmuth http://www.mudspike.com
  2. I think they'd be nuts not to showcase some Steel Beasts AARs. I know a guy that knows a guy. Stay tuned. (And I don't know about you..but that Mudspike.com site admin is one sexy looking dude...) :cvcsalut: BeachAV8R (I think I'm gonna need to change my avatar...)
  3. Thanks for the acknowledgement.. Glad to hear it isn't only me.. Of course..I could use it to my advantage to justifying buying a 27" monitor or something silly.. :luxhello: BeachAV8R
  4. Just curious if there is any setting to change the font size displayed in the menus and the pre-mission briefing. At 1680 x 1050 the font is pretty darn small and fuzzy for these aging eyes. I understand that changing resolutions to a lower res would make them larger, but I was wondering if there is any consideration to making the font size variable (or at least making the menus run at a lower resolution than the game?).. Regards, BeachAV8R
  5. Thanks for the detailed discussion Gary and Mog... Those are very interesting concepts. I'll definitely try to digest all of that. I guess regarding the difficulty of doing manual ranging and manually laying on the target is the old philosophy of "sweating more in training to bleed less in battle.." Looking forward to learning about these topics! Regards.. BeachAV8R
  6. That is awesome! Just the kind of mission (again) that this rookie needs. Look for a future training mission report featuring your mission.. Great stuff.. BeachAV8R
  7. That is a good idea..I don't know if I could keep it together long enough to do that in a real scenario.. It will be interesting to get into scenarios where ammunition rationing and being smart will be important..! Right on. I'm looking forward to finding out the advantages and disadvantages to using them. Thanks for the comments..! BeachAV8R
  8. From the Commander's position you can override the gunner, authorize the gunner to fire on targets HE has identified, or modify the targeting so that he fires on targets that YOU have identified. I'm still a bit sketchy on how all this works and it will take more practice before I'm comfortable with the relationship I have with my AI gunner (he needs to tell better jokes too). The view through the binoculars can be useful for identifying targets. Finding and destroying your enemy isn't the only task you'll be concerned with. Obviously the enemy will be trying to find and destroy you - so
  9. The results of a TOW missile hit can be impressive indeed! The Commander's position in the tank can be accessed and used to manage the battle and utilize the AI gunner, or you can also manually assume control of the gun to engage targets of your choosing. The view from out of the Commander's hatch is good for scanning and gaining a grasp of the situation, but is fairly exposed.
  10. In the event that your primary sight (Integrated Sight Unit) is disabled, you can use the auxiliary sight to estimate range and engage targets. Once again, this manual process requires practice and experience to become comfortable with (I'm not yet!) but learning how in training will likely save your bacon in the event you need to use it on a real mission. The reticule is lined with stadia lines and two curved "funnels" that will give you a range to a BMP-sized target in profile. Placing the front and rear of the target so that they touch the funnel edges will give you the approximate corre
  11. You'll notice that the HE rounds require a greater barrel elevation resulting in a round that arcs more as it travels the distance to the target. If the LRF is damaged or unavailable, it is possible to estimate the range to the target by using the center reticule and/or the choke scale at the bottom of the sight. I can already tell this is going to take a lot of practice to learn how to quickly and effectively do, but the basic concept is that by comparing the relative size of the reticule to the target you can roughly gauge the distance to objects if you know what the published size of that
  12. Steel Beasts Pro PE - Training Mission #03 Up to this point we have been learning a bit about how to navigate, read the map, and make some simple routes on the map. Now we'll start learning a little bit about how to do what armor was meant to do - blow stuff up. For our basic introduction to shooting things, we'll hop into the M2A2 Bradley since many of the concepts we can learn here will translate well into other platforms. The information in this AAR was gleaned from playing through the stock tutorial missions #1 through #10, so no download is provided. Mission #1 and #2 are simple tut
  13. Loving this weapon on the Bradley (of course)..but I had a question (not necessarily a Steel Beasts question though). I know the TOW is used by the AH-1 Cobra helicopter..and I'm just curious about the engineering involved in unspooling the wire behind the missile during the guidance phase. Does the helo have to be stationary and how do they avoid the wire getting blown about and severed considering all of the rotorwash and dynamics involved in a helo? And what happens when a TOW goes "dumb" if it runs out of wire or the wire does get severed, does it immediately detonate or continue ahead
  14. Thanks! I hadn't even tried the AAR playback feature.. Good to know!
  15. Just curious - are there any other view commands other than those listed in the manual (Page 15)? I was wondering if there is a Free Look type view and/or a "fly-by" view? The manual lists ALT+F1 - F4 as "Alternate View 1 or View 5"..what are those viewpoints used for? Sorry if it is covered somewhere in the docs..I'm slowing working my way through them.. Thanks! BeachAV8R
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