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  1. I think that in eastern Ukraine, the biggest concern is getting hit by portable anti aircraft missiles. (the second biggest concern is someone spotting your position from that awesome go pro-video you just had to put on youtube). -C-
  2. In IL2 Battle of Stalingrad I always thought it was a bug when the russian aircraft keep their position lights on during combat. Now looking at that Frogfoot I might have to change my mind. I also now know why there is a war/peace switch in modern aircraft. -C-
  3. I usually go in and dial down the bumpiness of the map. That helps a great deal. I'm also playing at 3600X1200 resolution which also helps with the spotting. -C-
  4. The reason for the high speed escalator trip is that the "fans" made their way down an escalator going up. When the weight gets too great the escalator stops and the brake engages. However, since there are just soo many people on that escalator the brake fails and then you have gravity taking over. They were lucky it was a short escalator. The funniest part was when "people" started accusing the police of having a remote control for the escalator. -C-
  5. And for us who have the 0x18080001-error. So far it's been pretty basic with some shooting and an old scenario. I would love to see the rocket artillery in action, the civilian/other factions, some VBIED, the weather stuff and just a basic walk through of the whole release notes. Pretty cool idea to broadcast like that. -C-
  6. I have the same problem and I'm wondering if I could perhaps lend a license until monday. Family is away tomorrow and I have no work to do ...so it's a perfect day to play some SB3. -C-
  7. Am I the only person who would like crew figures? I would settle for quite static ones, no fancy ARMA hip hop moves necessary. -C-
  8. I saw that too the other day. Probably just spammers trying to get some ad money. The clips these users are uploading seem rather random and the names look like something I would generate in my test tools .. as do the descriptions. -C-
  9. Indeed... but with monty python you always know it's supposed to be funny, although you don't always get it. Probably got some attention at the event though. -C-
  10. One of the interesting differences compared to other versions of tow is that you don't seem to be able to have a massive number of armies (like in real life). I only played for a short while but my economy was crumbling with just two smallish armies. I also saw that two player mp will be delivered as a patch later on .... that's mp campaigns we are talking about. -c-
  11. Wahrborg, I got the DVD boxed version but you still have to go through the steam mess anyway. The game is pretty good so far. Playing as Sweden everything was pretty true to real life. As Swedes do, I promptly, without enough forces took Norway but the lost Kurland and of course the Danes sank my fleet. I burned some witches which I chose were responsible for my fleet's poor performance.. not that I chose the King's no good brother as the Admiral. Pretty realistic. Now my plan is to pillage Denmark and then to squander the success by attempting a drive against Russia. The troops speak Swedish which is real cool. I'm hoping that the Danes will anchor their fleet on the rocky bottom outside Ă–land and then be crushed by weather and that their scottish mercenaries will fight the german ones. My gripes are so far: The action is too fast! Men run like the wind and sometimes you have a real click fest on your hands <enter modders> and of course too little time to play.... -C-
  12. ... boy I hate steam. Bought Empire total war yesterday and was real happy because I'm off on a business trip and then at least I would get to play it for one full evening... wrong. Since it's steam you cannot register the game until they say it's ok.. which is today. Fine, so I waited until today.. and now I get to play for about two or so hours before I have to get some sleep before the 0500 train to nowhere tomorrow...wrong. After installing for about forty minutes.. not including the time I had to spend removing everything off my C:-drive since steam insists on using that, not any of the other drives which have free space, I was FINALLY ready to fire it up.... wrong. Now steam decides it needs to update something and that will take another hour or so because apparently they are hand cranking out the bits and bytes. All other steam games I have owned have either become corrupt after a while or steam itself has stopped working. I'm hoping for at least one campaign before that happens. I'm sure it's a good game though, just wish they would have put it on the two DVDs that came in the box instead of having me download it through some old garden hose. No wonder people turn to console games. I miss putting the DVD in the tray, installing and then playing.. no hassle. Sometimes it seems to me that someone is really trying their best to kill the PC game market by inventing all these time eating applications. Oh well, now we are at 96% so perhaps I just need to create some free accounts, add some buddies and sign up for some mandatory spam before I can play. -C-
  13. Perhaps I should have been more clear of what I meant. Everything that can kill people will be used if it's a good/only option at the time. What I meant was that in a "conventional war" where you have at least matching weapons systems on each side you would perhaps think twice before you put a high value weapon like the tunguska into a role which can be easily filled by, let's say a BMP2. Given the sheer amount of ammunition that vehicle can consume it's pretty clear that would need some pretty impressive logistics to support it in a direct fire role. Sure, it can probably mess up even a tank pretty good but I still wouldn't put it up against tanks (just as I wouldn't put a CV9040 up against tanks). I didn't mean it couldn't happen and that if someone had to get creative the tunguska would automatically be out of scope. I just mean that someone would have some tough questions to answer if the unit the tunguska was supposed to protect was wiped out by enemy air power... just because someone decided it was time to do some meatchopping old school style. -C-
  14. After what I saw during a quick test with the Tunguska on an earlier build... quite a significant threat. It's just about the most spectacular thing I've ever seen in SB. We did some quick runs with some infantry platoons in open country attacking a single tunguska and they were minced meat in no time. I don't perhaps think you would put a tunguska in the direct fire role against infantry in real life (unless there is no other option)... but you will in SB because it's just so damn awesome. To see all those tracers and the ground erupting with that amount of HE impacts is just jaw dropping. I'm quite sure it will kill APV/IFVs as well. -C-
  15. He he.. yeah I know the feeling. I felt that way about the Chris Ryan book "The one that got away"... man that guy was whining. Does anyone know about any similar (translated) books on Soviet conflicts? It would be interesting to see the level of whining that goes on in a conscript unit. -C-
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