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  1. That's good. I will think about SB4. The thought of blowing sh*t up is so naturally appealing. A day just doesn't seem complete without it.
  2. Well, with SB1 you could save your plans. Even save multiple plans by playing games with files. SBPROPE lacked that, but I assume it got fixed. (It was real pain.) I sold my game at a 50% discount, because ... I liked the game, but was suffering repetitive strain injury. What would be different now? I am not sure, but I have hope ... great if there was demo for me to test with? In 2002, I got Ghost Recon 1 and loved it, but could not play for the same reasons. Hours of pressing things and contorted finger positions. In 2016, I completely red
  3. I played SB1 and owned SB2 for a while before selling my dongle. Here is my question. I only do SP. What is there going to be available in the way of content to give me long term replayability? As I realize that many of the community are former armor or vets and mainly play online. But for me SP ... missions ... variable replay ... randomization are all what makes it a worthwhile investment. Thank you in advance for your response. PS: I have already watched the 7 YouTube video.
  4. MarkShot


    Can my codemeter stick/SBPPE license be sold/transferred? Thanks. PS: If you know anyone interested, I would be asking $50 USD for v2.4x which when the upgrade cost is added in is an effective savings of 50%.
  5. This thread is like 80 pages and I admit to being too lazy to read through all of it. May I inquire if the "save plan" feature has been fixed in upcoming paid upgrade? I missed that quite a bit from SB1 and didn't really like having to go into the editor to work around that problem. Thanks.
  6. Unzip and see the readme. Simply run the EXE while playing. It does not need to be placed in any specific location. It interacts with SBPPE at the process (meaning execution) level and not at the file level. I hope that helps.
  7. He he he ... the AI didn't say "but that looks like a friendly"?! One of my favorite AI fracticide scenes is to pop your uboat's periscope up in the middle of a circle of escorts. They all open up with MGs and cannons while very often shooting the cr*p out of each other. (This is in broad day light on calm seas.) I suppose that's a video game.
  8. Version 1.0


    Small utility which provides additional mouse support for the game's map. It facilitates using the mouse wheel to zoom the map, and pushing the mouse pointer to the screen edge will scroll the map. README.TXT with additional details enclosed.
  9. Yep. Assuming it was ALT-C. Then instead of sending only "+" to the window, I would send "ALT-C" + "+". This would cause the map to center and zoom in. In fact, it would make it possible for the user to just rock the mouse wheel back and forth, if they only wanted to center the map. So, Nils, did you get to try the EXE yet? I've already written a number of AutoHotKey (www.autohotkey.com) scripts for various games. A most excellent free utility.
  10. Tacbat, Nice concept, but you have to remember that this is a utility that stands alongside SBPPE and not a change to SBPPE itself. So, I am able to know from the window name that the mouse actions are happening within SBPPE. However, I am unable to know whether SBPPE is displaying the map or something else. Thus, any coding I do for the map is active throughout the entire game. Sending right clicks blindly into the game is going to cause all types off problems. This would have been doable if there was a keystroke combination which centers the map and was not overload with any other functio
  11. Well, see your email. I added the autocad support for your own private custom version. That's enough of this for today. Take care.
  12. Forget it. I see your problem. (script in post #8) If you didn't edit your resolution from my script, it was hard coded to work for me at 1600x1200. PM me and you'll get the dynamic resolution EXE. Much more adaptible; you can even change res in the middle of playing and it continues to work.
  13. My initial guess would be that there is something different about how Vista 64 is reporting the screen resolution and/or the mouse position. Top and left are both being tested against zero. Bottom and right are being tested against 1049 and 1679 respectively. You can display a variable while running the script by adding the following line: Msgbox %VariableName% Perhaps this might help you to figure out why the screen bounds testing is not working.
  14. PM me an email address. You can try the latest compiled version and see if you have any better luck.
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