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  1. Win 10 64bit GTX 980 This is happening with the M1A1/A2s in the stock tutorial missions (that's all I have played with so far in 4.0) Played some more last night in Fullscreen. When it did happen I alt tabbed back out to Desktop to see if there was anything going on and there was not. The last instance of this occurring was immediately after getting killed when switching tanks. When I get home tonight I will run it some more in Windowed mode to see if that remedies the issue. Not ideal but neither is not being able to control the gun!
  2. I have upgraded to the new 4.0 (thanks Ssnake and the rest of the Esim team) but now I have a weird issue where everything works fine for a while and then my mouse no longer works while looking through the gun sight. In the the menus, turret, map everything is ok but it seems after about 20 min of play time the "cross hair" mouse cursor changes over to the "pointer arrow" cursor and I lose the ability to move the gun sight/slew the turret with the mouse.
  3. If I purchase a timed license for 3.0 will I need to pay extra for the upgrade to 4.0?
  4. Absolutely love this game! By far one of the best "old school" tactical strategy games out there. FYI I recently recreated the "Time to Dance" scenario for Steel Beasts, lemme know what you guys think!
  5. Version 1.1


    "A Time To Dance" ~ An "Operation Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm" Mission conversion. Date: 20 July 1989 Time: 0 Hours (0400 Hours) Day Break. Location: Near Bad Neustadt, West Germany and Camp Lee. Weather: Patchy fog with light clouds. The Soviet Union is withdrawing it's forces from the German Democratic Republic (GDR). They have alerted both NATO, and the UN, that they are moving two divisions east, in the sector of the 8th Guards Army. This announcement was made months in advance. Several smaller units have left their permanent duty stations, earlier during the month, for new locations further east. NATO is on a low alert status and is having to learn to deal with the fact that the Cold War is over. What to do now? But wait, the 533rd Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion stationed in the Fulda Gap is getting information that isn't matching up with how events should be unfolding. It seems, the Soviets aren't moving to the east. The 533rd MI Bn starts scrambling to find out what's up. The 79th Guards Tank Division left it's garrison at Suhl and moved southeast on Route 281. When it reached Coburg the lead element, the 17th Guards Tank Regiment, turned southwest on Route 303 and west onto Route 279. The entire time they were in road march formation. There was no NATO interference with the approach to the border. As the 17th Guards Tank Regiment entered Saal an der Saale they gave the prearranged order for the artillery batteries of 8th Guards Army to fire. Targeting both Camp Lee and the approaches to Bad Neustadt and Rödelmaier. The guns errupted into life as the lead elements drove through Wülfershausen and turned towards Bad Neustadt and the waiting 11th ACR. 2nd Squadron, 11th ACR, stationed at Camp Lee, outside Bad Neustadt, is hammered by 122/152mm artillery fire. The camp had been warned only minutes before but many of the squadrons vehicles were already moving towards Rödelmaier. It is fitting that 2nd Squadron, the last element of the Regiment to leave Vietnam after five and a half years of service, is the first US unit to be engaged by the Soviet advance in WWIII. The two elite units have been facing each other over the decades and will now come together in a mighty clash. The Blackhorse outposts along the border at Rödelmaier will have to deal with the Soviet advance down Route 279 until the rest of the squadron can move to their aid. Or, until the Soviet Army breaks through and is advancing. At 0400 the day is just beginning. What was going to be a hot day in July is about to get much hotter. The Cold War is about to become a Hot War. It's time to dance to the music. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U.S. Forces must "Secure and Hold" both OBJs marked on the map for the entire duration of the mission. WARSAW PACT resistance will be high and compromised of a wide array of T-80 MBTs, BMPs, and BRDMs. You will be greatly outnumbered so advance wisely and watch your flanks! U.S. Forces Order of Battle Alpha Company - 12 x M1A1(HA) CO - 1 x M1A1(HA) XO - 1 x M1A1(HA) Delta Company - 8 x M1A1(HA) CO - 1 x M1A1(HA) XO - 1 x M1A1(HA) Bravo Company - 6 x M2A2 Bradley CO - 1 x M2A2 Bradley XO - 1 x M2A2 Bradley Charlie Company - 6 x M2A2 Bradley CO - 1 x M2A2 Bradley XO - 1 x M2A2 bradley November Company - 6 x M966 HMMWV w/TOW 2A CO - 1 x M2A2 Bradley 18 Tubes x Off Map Artillery Support ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.1 Changelog: - Updated some unit paths for Warsaw Pact to keep from driving/getting stuck into rivers and streams - Removed Off-Map Support for NATO player and replaced ARTY with a Platoon of M109s - Removed mission Password per user request (if you do edit and upload a variation of this mission plesae give credit where it is due) - Corrected the the spelling of "Alpha" (thanks Cobrabase!) - Added an additional Warsaw Pact tank company to keep more inline with "Operation Flashpoint: Red Storm" original Order of Battle - Changed the 'Time of Day" to 0400, it was set to 0900 in the previous version ***This is my first attempt at a Steel Beasts Pro PE mission. I have been playing a lot of the strategy game called "Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm" lately and decided that some of the missions in that game would make fantastic missions here in Steel Beasts!*** I hope you enjoy this mission and any and all feedback to help improve this mission in future updates will be greatly appreciated! ~ xIGuNDoCIx
  6. I have installed DTA Delta's new "FLIR Mod 3.0" but I have not noticed anything different. Has anyone else had success with it?
  7. Family emergency has come up and I am flying out to California tomorrow, so I will not be able to make it tonight. I should be back in time for next weeks game though.
  8. Here is an actual BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) from "The battle of 73 Easting" which took place during the 1991 Gulf War. It is a very good read, change pages via the "Prev/Next" buttons down at the bottom right hand side of the webpage. http://www.gulflink.osd.mil/declassimages/army/19980729/980715_sep96_sagwi1_0001.html
  9. I'll take an M1 Platoon as well if you have some to spare, if not then a Brad PL is fine too.
  10. This sounds like a lot of fun! I look forward to playing on Team Blue and killing some Reds! :biggrin: As far as which vehicle I prefer, thats easily answered as I am fairly new and have not yet found a "personal favorite." I am up for taking control of anything and learning as much as I can from you all. See you dirtside!
  11. Just thought I would post up this great site for everyone to enjoy. Lots of good info can be found here! http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/cv/index.html
  12. OK so lemme get this straight, I do not need to download the "Beta" and I just need my new copy of the retail version that I got plus the latest patch.
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