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  1. Ukraine anything really. Possibly izyium, kiev suburbs, kharkov, kerhson, dnipro, mariopol. Make current events scenarios.
  2. I doubt It would be anything worth sharing. It’s more taking existing scenarios and swapping the units to reflect a Ukraine vs RF situation. I haven’t played since 3.0, so just loving all the new stuff I’ve missed.
  3. I’ve become a full on Ukraine war junkie and after traversing combat mission Black Sea, arma, and dcs, I’ve come back to steal beasts. And crewing Ukrainian t72s has been my latest Ukraine war fix. Can’t get enough t72 scenarios, thankfully I can tool around in the editor.
  4. I need some help with this as well. Game won't recognize my Virpil warbird joystick or Virpil throttle. It only sees my VKB rudder pedals. I'm guessing it's the same issues mentioned in this thread. I'd love to see your control profiles updated to support the modern hotas out there so they are plug n play with no hassle. Update....The game controller tip in the second post fixed it. Would be nice to use more than one controller though.
  5. There is a sb Egyptian campaign ? Can you elaborate on what that is, like a string of linked missions in Egyptian t-72s ?
  6. It would be cool if that 2nd license could be used as a copy of our full license so I don't have to lug the key around when I want to play on my work computer but can't because I forgot the key at home on my computer.
  7. So do the player stats, mission score, and aar reset after each save or is it all cumulative for the whole scenario ?
  8. Skoop

    Purchase issue

    Same issue here, still can't purchase it. Funny usually the part where the business takes the consumer's money is bombproof. Oh well maybe I will blow off steam with a flight in dcs mi-8 for a while.
  9. I think the combined arms is a step in the right direction of a dynamic campaign to the likes of falcon. People have been clammoring for a dynamic campaign world since the inception of dcs. ED is on pace for some great things in the near future, the new "world" thing tying all the modules together is brilliant. Also of note is the incorporation of third party developers to pick up the workload of turning out more aircraft. A dcs f-15e has been assigned to a third party and I'm pretty excited about that. The possibilities are endless with this new development strategy, I can't wait to see how it turns out. I suspect I may finally be throwing away my falcon cd in a couple years. Hell, bms might be employed by dcs as a third party to develop dcs f-16 in a couple years.
  10. ^ + 1 for point # 1, would save me so much time in large SP senarios. + 1 for your M1A2 SEP request, I think we all want it. Be nice to have the US version of the latest greatest to drive around.
  11. I see your point about apples vs pineapples, it seems a daunting task to make both as apples sort of speak. Having a big on going dynamic scenario for players to randomly join maybe too ambitious a suggestion. But hey, Ssnakes comments on the subject seem positive. Just having the ability to join an in progress game will no doubt improve MP.
  12. In DCS the ground war is going on autonomously, you pick a mission...might be attack an armored column or fly to this location and report to JTAC for CAS. Upon completing the mission it sets off a trigger or event and the mission continues on in phases. Funny thing is DCS recently announced that they are developing the ability to control ground forces in missions as a pay for addon. I see your guys points about no SA or not knowing Commanders intent if this randomized type of senario was used in SB.
  13. The more we discuss it, seems it would be a major undertaking that would not help the military clients much. It would be more appealing to video game types, but then they wouldn't spend 100+ on one game...even if it is the best tank sim money can buy.
  14. Most missions are parked cold starts which is a major feat in dcs, I've noticed alot more optional in air starts in an effort to bring in less skilled pilots to the fold.
  15. You could still have deeply involved missions that require lengthy planning and commitment by players. To have a join in progress style option it would require more of a random dynamic set of tasks / events that players could jump in to a server and start completing. Would take alot of work on the senario building, endless triggers and AI scripting to keep the mission going. It sounds Hoaky I know, but it could make some cool combat situations that could be fun to play out. I know I keep referencing DCS A10's MP, but that is the only thing I can think of that runs like this and works well. They set the missions up like a huge battle that runs continuously on a server. Players pilot A10s and start hitting required targets to advance the mission triggers. I've seen some of these dynamic missions go on with 3 guys or 30 guys, just a matter of who shows up at various times. Players coordinate well on TS or fly solo, it's your choice.
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