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  1. Ssnake, you mean I can try Pro out first? How do I go about doing that? Thanks. pauljle, thanks for the info. I will give it a try. I may just buy the Pro. I would like to run this on two PCs.
  2. I took the advice mentioned above and copied the missing " d3drm.dll " file from another program's install CD. I copied and pasted the file into the SB program file. I still get the missing file error message, I just don't know exactly where to put this D3DRM.DLL file. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Sorry, I am using SB version 1.15 ( from 2001 ). The upgrade suggestion sounds good. Can this version be upgraded and operate on my Windows 7? Thanks.
  4. Where is a good place to buy the Steal Beasts PC game that will work on Windows 7. My current game ( old ) will not work on my newer PC ( says : missing d3drm.dll file ). Thanks
  5. I have the older Steel Beast game and with my new PC and Windows 7 it will not work. It says windows is missing some dll file? Is there any solution ( other than buying the newer SB version, which I will someday ). Thanks
  6. My missing file is d3drm.dll I did a Google seach and found a site hat let me download the file mentioned. I reinstalled SB1 and got the same message and it did not solve the problem. I will now attempt to install directx7 as suggested.
  7. My PC is at work now and I won't be able to see exactly what file it is until tomorrow but it is SOMETHING like dsr3.dll......something along that order. Windows prompted me to click on a Microsoft link that said MIGHT solve the problem, but the answer was " not at this time ". I have two other PCs that are running windows xp and they are fine with SB1. However, my wife's HP desktop with Windows 7 lets me install the game but when I try to run it all I get is a white screen. I know I should update my SB with the newest version but if I can resolve this without buying SB Pro SE I would like to.
  8. I just got a new laptop, HP brand with Windows 7. I tried to install SB1 and a message window kept coming up saying my computer was missing a certain file and to contact Microsoft to obtain that file, but the Mocrosoft website said that file wasn't available for Windows 7. So is anyone having a problem with Windows 7 and the old Steel Beasts game? Thanks.
  9. I'm sure many others have received a PM from " serendipity ". Looks like a phony person trying to get you to open a website. I didn't open it, would suggest not to. He has " 0 " posts and PMs everyone, strange.
  10. Gibsonm, thanks again for the help. I am slowly finding out how to use all the valuable resources that this forum has to offer. I am coming around and in the future I won't be so dependent on everyone for any little bit of info that I need.
  11. Andym, I might just do that, buy the SB Pro Pe. What are the minimum computer requirments? I'm wondering if my three year old PC can handle it. Thanks
  12. Can I download a patch that will give me vs 1.95 ? I really like my old game and it would be nice if I could update it.
  13. I downloaded single player scenarios from SB and NOT SB Pro.
  14. After thinking about my old SB game, maybe I should upgrade, get a new one. What is the latest that you recommend?
  15. I'm using Steel Beasts from 2001, version 1.15 What single player maps should I be downloading?
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