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    Good news..thank you m8..
  2. Alucardos


    I have this game ready and playing at my home.. Since i am working at an internet cafe i would like to know if its possible to install the nessesary programs there and play it there as well.. Thank you..
  3. Yep..The new mail did the job...Thank you...
  4. Wait...I get esimgames newsletter and i cannot get your mail?
  5. I will do that but till then i will sent you another mail so you can contact me if thats ok with you....
  6. Wait...I am confused now...I bought the game with 100 USD....But at December i saw that a new update came out that costed +25 USD which i wanted as well...IF i had the basic licence wouldnt i had to pay these 25 for the update as well? (I probably am saying questions that you are finding totally stupid and for that i am sorry...I will learn )
  7. I knew i did something stupid.... So...If i sent you an email with the info you asked and you can fix this little "mistake" i did?
  8. Hello everyone, i just wanted to make a question. I just made purchace of the game and i ordered exactly these : New license on CM dongle, SB Pro PE 2.640 (QTY: 1) Upgrade/secondary license, SB Pro PE 2.640 (QTY: 1) And my question is this. Since i am a noob i understand that i have to wait for the USB to come in order to do this work with the licence (something that has to do with a link i received in my email). As you can see i ordered not only the basic game but the update as also (100+25) My questions are these...I wanted the game and its latest update that came this passed December.... Did i bought something unnecesary? Should i ordered the DVD as well or i can download it and use the licence to play it? Thank you in advance...
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