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  1. Any new crewable vehicles on the horizon? And grats on the successful dev progress despite all that's going on!
  2. IIRC you have a view of the gunner's sight, you can override the gunner and aim through his sight with certain limitations. The commander also has a normal 360 degrees periscope to which he can slave the gun to.
  3. So, because I'm a hard headed individual I did some troubleshooting despite saying I wouldn't do it. I did a complete clean install and updated my GPU drivers and still the same results. For me "Dynamic Chache" does absolutely nothing.
  4. Nope, I do not have intel GPU, only a dedicated Nvidia GTX 970. Anyways, I won't be troubleshooting this one as I will be working on a completely new system within a week.
  5. Yes, none of the terrain detail sliders affect the performance much. Well, I'll be getting a new computer at the end of this week so it's not bothering me that much. Most likely has something to do with my setup rather than the game itself as no one else is complaining. I used to play with everything maxed before the update and that worked for me quite well.
  6. Just did another run, it seems that shadow mapping is taxing FPS the most, not the road rendering. Without shadow mapping at all I get roughly the same performance as before patch, but if I turn it above 1 the FPS completely tanks.
  7. For me the game is completely unplayable. When I start one of the tutorial introduction scenarios I get roughly 5-10 FPS whenever I look into the direction of the enemy. If I look toward the direction where the friendly tanks are coming from I get roughly 20-30 FPS. I can get slightly better results if I put all the terrain details to the lowest possible but only slightly. Funnily enough road rendering seems to be one of the main culprits as turning it from 5 to 1 seems to raise my FPS into double digits but still completely unplayable. I'm running i7-4790K @ 4Ghz, GTX 970 and 16g
  8. Everything seems to be quite okay. I didn't have SB installed yesterday, but it seems to be working just fine now that I reinstalled it. I was just worried my good 'ol 11 year old stick might've walked out on me. Thanks for the amazing response as always!
  9. I just preordered. I received a link to update my license. When I go to see my CodeMeter Control Center it says that I have CmStick and ESIMGAMES and under the latter one Status: Empty license container. However when I clicked the upgrade link I got via email everything seemed to work. Am I missing something or is everything as it's supposed to be?
  10. That soounds like a good plan. AFAIK the game has no gam breaking bugs at the moment so it shouldn't be a problem if the bug fixes are delayed until you can push the terrain patch out.
  11. What kind of map sizes are we talking about here? Because 50 to 100 gigs of download shouldn't be a problem for us living in western Europe if you are not bogged down by your connection speed. In US I understand that people often have a limited amount of data they are able to download in a month. Sure downloading tens of gigs of data is frustrating but it's not something that can't be done. It wasn't that many years ago when I had to leave my PC on for the night in order to download a few hunderd MBs worth of data.
  12. Thanks for the quick response and for clearing things for me, looking forward to whatever you guys dish out next!
  13. This has been probably answered before, but do the old maps benefit from the new terrain engine? I understand that they've been built using the old grid utilizing much lower resolution, but is there some, for example, procedural technology that could add a little more bump to the old terrain?
  14. Update to the Leo 1A5 texture bug: I tested both 1A5 and 1A5-DK1 versions and they both have mantle, gun and the hull textures missing. They also display "woodland" camo even when the vehicle sports desert camo when viewing from TC:s hatch. Cougar 6x6 MRAP: When you select M2HB as the optional weapon system, the gunner's model does not turn with the turret.
  15. I don't know if my experience is of any use to anyone but I seem to gain most FPS when tuning ground clutter down. My rig is i7-4790K @ 4 GHz, GTX 970, 16 gb of RAM and Windows 10. I run at 1080p.
  16. At the moment yes, but it appears in English (UK) as well. I did a bit of further testing and it appears in Swedish when game is set to Finnish and Swedish as well.
  17. - Leopard 2A5 introduction tutorial briefing is in Swedish - Leopard 1A5's gun tube and mantle have no texture when viewing from TC POV (both are white) - actually, it seems that the gun matle, gun and the whole hull are white, here's an image:
  18. God dammit Rotareneg, you spoiled a perfectly good joke. ;_;
  19. No, I'm seeing that It is out as well. Try resetting your router mate.
  20. Well if you buy the cd you have to pay the customs if the price exceeds Italy's import limits. Same for everyone everywhere where customs apply. It is much more convenient to buy just the lisence upgrade and download the game through eSim's page.
  21. Yeah, they are guidance rockets you see and hear. Actually those were one of the downsides of the Dragon system. Missile made an awful lot of noise because of the course corrections midflight and the steering rockets also made a visible exhaust jet giving the missile away while en-route.
  22. Uninstall your GPU drivers and then through device control panel delete your GPU, boot your computer after each step. After that your computer will detect your GPU again so you can't really break anything here. Most likely updating to Windows 10 borked your driver software and has caused some kind of problem in detecting your GPU. I had to do this myself after I went to Windows 10, some driver versions are bad at handling OS updates.
  23. Speaking of polygons, are any of the old playable vehicles getting facelifts in 4.0? Namely the CV9040. The vehicle models in this game are awesom and do not compare to anything else. But as said before, it's the realisim and immersion that keeps pulling me back in. Keep up the fantastic work!
  24. Have any of the old playable vehicles received visual overhaul?
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