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  1. Found them - it was in the program data folder.
  2. Do the map files go somewhere else if you are using Windows 8.1? I've found the app data/SB folder but there is no map folder.
  3. I took it for, lame try, I'll let you know when we are good and ready
  4. That was my short list. Lol. I was hoping maybe they would throw us another bone, but to no avail.
  5. Great news. Keeping fingers crossed for the following; T-64/80 version from that era, Chieftain or Challenger 1, Warrior and/or FV432, Scorpion or Scimitar, Luchs. Any of those make it?????
  6. You can do it now while testing a scenarios in the mission editor.
  7. Is SB Mapper Pro the tool used to import SHP files and elevation data?
  8. Gator

    Map Issues

    Intel Dual Core @ 2.66 GhZ 3GB RAM
  9. Gator

    Map Issues

    I am having problems trying to pick the larger maps in the mission editor. Small maps, like the Haune Valley load fine, but large maps like any Fulda Gap, Hannover, Wolfsburg, etc, do not load. Also, in the map editor those larger maps load, but when I hit F1 and try to view these maps it does not load the textures, etc.
  10. Thanks! That's a lot of fun being able to watch the battle unfold from that perspective. Something I've been waiting to see SB implement for a long time.
  11. How do you use the free flight camera while you test a mission in the editor?
  12. I remember when the original SB CD (which I still have) arrived at my house 11 years ago! I remembered when I dropped $125 prior to SB PE's release. Thanks to everyone that has been part of this wonderful sim's evolution!
  13. Wanted to bump this thread in anticipation o f 2.6 being released. I have gotten to be quite an expert lately with Global Mapper while working on maps for Armored Brigade. When I finish my Fulda project with AB I've got some ideas for maps I've always wanted in SB.
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