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  1. Or download it... if i did that sort of thing I don't have time to watch it anyway. I gotta reinstall SB and go through the tutorials again so i can actually have a go!
  2. Tasmania, Australia... although i need to reinstall the sim and grab the update... and then learn it
  3. If you want any further info, feel free to PM me
  4. Running it on a 750w Lian Li Silent.. err. something Pro No issues until recently; the issue is a red line around the edge of the screen with arma 2/ arma OA/BAF. The rest is fine. Oh yeah, i thought one of my cores was dead once... but i'd disabled catalyst AI somehow. So check that if you think you have a dead core.
  5. I stopped reading after '3d infantry' because i jizzed in my pants. I might read the rest of the thread after i find some tissues and have a little lay down.
  6. Like no one here wanks! I one day hope to accomplish a 'tank jack'; but i reckon whatever show or museum i go to would be pretty unimpressed about it.
  7. Arma 2 and Arma 2: OA ... plus the occasional wank
  8. I must be missing something I go to purchase on the esim page and all i get is 'sb pro pe is backordered' and nothing else Is the update released as yet or not!?
  9. Fantastic to hear that the VBS stuff is even at the prototype stage and may make it to us in the far future. That would be a fantastic feature! Good info Gibson & Ssnake
  10. Am i the only one that got this bit? Are you saying the possibility may be there in the future to combine varying sim features, i.e. first-person shooters clearing rooms with armoured support... or armour columns with fast mover support?
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