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  1. this might be a stupid question, but do you have install the game from the cd before you install the update and if you do which I already did is that ok?
  2. I agree sir, I recently discovered that it runs better on xp then win7 64,
  3. im currently using windows xp and sb-pro runs great, just wondering if it would run any better on win 2k?
  4. thank you sir look forward to playing this today,
  5. for the latest update posted I know I have to pay the 25.00 is there another dongle sent through mail for this how does this work?
  6. thats alright with me. will we be able to upgrade or key today so the update will work on our systemS?
  7. ok so know one knows yet alright, I just wait then, thx, well eitherway im looking foward to playing the new update, cheers,
  8. im just a little confused about the new update, I have to update my usb dongle key and how much does this cost? my version was shipped with SB Pro PE 2.483 so I will have to update my key? and how much will this cost anyone?
  9. thx for info buddy, I have yet to try this online yet, but I have played around in the single player its inpresive, -
  10. first mp engagement for me, see you guys in the field,
  11. k ill mess around with it later, thx,
  12. oh gosh no idea, im not that technical yet, lol, I just know it was heat round, when I tried lazing it with the heat the turrent did not even laze close to the target that was kinda strange or the heat round would just not reach it, sabot rounds worked fine, target was not moble,
  13. can you not fire the heats as far as the sabots? was playing around and when I lazed with the heats on a target that was about 3 - 4 miles away would not hit the target, but with sabot had no problem?:cul:
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