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  1. Yes, and Russia is still doing the same thing today, with the "Putinjugend" organizations.
  2. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    Sorry Red2112, I am not lashing out at you specifically, but I am so sick of everyone that bashes Arma 3 for being buggy and having low performance, for all the reasons that Dslyecxi mentioned in the video that I posted.
  3. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    Yes, did you watch the video I posted, which explains why you can't expect perfect performance with all kinds of mods? Most games don't even allow mods, but Arma 3 (note the correct spelling) does, and you expect perfect performace with all mods? Learn the difference between a sandbox game that is open to modding and games that are not allowing such things.
  4. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    After almost 5 years, this video, about Arma 3 supposedly being extremely buggy and having poor performance is still very valid:
  5. I love the meaning of BILL: "Bofors, Infantry, Light and Lethal". Not just a perfect description of the missile, but really cool too.
  6. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    And talking about years ago. It was many years ago that Arma was called ArmA, short for Armed Assault. But for ages now, it has been called just Arma, meaning "weapon" in latin. So stop with the capital A please.
  7. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    Elon Musk needs to learn a thing or two from the Aegis Dynamics company in the Star Citizen universe... 🙂
  8. Razor

    Tactical FPS

    I don't understand all the hate against Star Citizen. It's like people go out of their way to hate it. I have personally spent 35$ on an Aurora, and it's been the best money I ever spent on a game. Yes, SC is still in development, and it will take several more years before it's fully released, but how many AAA games released lately didn't have years and years of developement? They were just not revealed at all until many years into their development.
  9. Great video Red. The Chieftain is a channel that everyone who is interrested in tanks should follow. He even managed to make a video about watching paint dry interresting:
  10. Sure, but no, these light vehicles are not tanks, of course.
  11. I'd say it's a video for A-10 fanboys, those that actually believe that a 30 mm gun can do much more than scratch the paint on a tank.
  12. Haven't watched the S-tank video yet, but from reading the video description, I see that the old myth that the S-tank was a defensive tank, designed to be used from ambush positions, or basically a tank destroyer, is still going around. This article clearly busts this myth: http://tanks.mod16.org/2016/08/19/stridsvagn-103-was-not-a-tank-destroyer/
  13. Sure, but the Kurds are muslims, so opressing their women, by forcing them to cover up with scarfs, are much more important to them than things that make sense tactically.
  14. Really? You're using Rainbow 6 as the infantry standard, and not Arma 3? Even the old Rainbow games, before Ubisoft turned the series into an arcade crap shooter, were vastly inferior to Arma as an infantry simulator.
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