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  1. Hehehehe .... appreciate responses! Given Gibsonm's one I'm not sure now if this can be considered "luck" but I'm lighter only by mere 25 green notes... and my mates are happy, so it's worth it :-)
  2. Just to confirm: upgrade of eligible secondary license sets me back $25 and is only available from the eSim store as purchase of regular secondary license - correct?
  3. I've M$-VS2012 installed along SB and never had a single issue (talking 2.640 as still no chance to try 3.0 ) Definitely local issue.
  4. I wouldn't expect this from you 'cause I think it's fair to say you're not a faulty party here. Wibu Systems, on the other hand, seriously owes us an apology to say the least. I know that something like this is actually unthinkable in modern computing era for a serious business. And I know this, because this is actually my job - monitoring of the remote systems. There's no way they keep their servers in some cave, without 24x7x365 support from colocation datacenter personnel nor they have On-Call Engineer available to troubleshoot remotely. OK, there's no contact available to cutomers for raising issues but nowadays monitoring tools can send monitoring alerts for someones attention automatically, using various medias at the same time for redundancy. And these alerts could be anything - from faulty battery in RAID controller to CPUs pecked at 100%, to predicted imminent HDD failure to particular service/application not performing as expected - just to mention only few basic possibilities. BTW, with widespread N+1 redundancy it seems none applies here. I mean - what gives? Even if they still host their production systems on the premises (which I seriously doubt) that only shows unprofessional approach to their business and customers (eSim) and this calls for penalties (I hope you have such a clause in the contract). Sorry guys for wasting your time on reading this but I really, really feel disappointed by all this - weekend's gone and soon I'm gone for quite a time, with no time for play. Damn it.
  5. +1 with Error Code = 0x18080001 Since Wibu servers have been identified as source of the issue I guess I'll just mention myself to give Ssnake even more argument when calling Wibu the names on Monday evening (GMT+1). Just for sake of clarity: firmware upgraded, SB3 installed, Java upgraded to the latest version, .... licence bought !!! ..., tried different browsers using various versions of Win7, Win8 and Server 2008 R2 - no joy.
  6. Cheers for that - so Preview (Wibu) on Preview (Win8) is the way to go
  7. Since new Windows will be shipped quite soon I wanted to test "The Sim" for possible performance improvements when using Win8. Unfortunately, I hit the wall in a form of CodeMeter drivers (4.40b x64)refusing to get installed on "Release Preview" version of M$' newest baby. Compatibility wizards/settings make no difference, sadly. Just wonder if any one did manage to get around this issue? Or should I simply shut up and wait for retail version of OS and corresponding CodeMeter package? That would be disappointing, since Win8 is declared as better Win7 so one would expect everything to be working out of the box...
  8. No offense taken. Any ways it suits me so I'll be there.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but would that be roughly 0:00 GMT? If "yes" than i'm in.
  10. Sounds like something for me than - checking in and looking forward for it.
  11. Is fresh meat allowed to populate battlefield? I can promise I won't be able to wander around for long, if you know what I mean :diable:
  12. Wacha

    Polish Leo2A4

    Cheers Congo! I'll give it a try as well
  13. Wacha

    Polish Leo2A4

    I'll do so, Sir!
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