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  1. Hate to interject, but my favorite part about this thread is that there is an identical one and for some reason people inexplicably chose to post more often in this one.
  2. It's one of the non-APFSDS rounds, they're basically woefully ineffective against anything that isn't made of tin foil but a bug in accuracy recording means that every pellet ejected from the airburst round is counted as if it were a round of it's own.
  3. Try the CV9035 with airburst. If you don't get above 100, I don't think you can with anything else...
  4. Just use the CV9035, the KETM round basically guarantees an outlandish accuracy score.
  5. Usually the only time where I really will just flat out miss or something similar is at the very edge of engagement distances, 4000 meters or so. I'm not a very good gunner, either.
  6. I don't think boresighting will be implemented just because it'll be rather micro-detailed when SB Pro PE is a bit more focused on macro-details.
  7. Yet AI in SB seems to think if you're in a forest then you're invisible, and if you have an AI TC in the tank then it can't see a damn thing too.
  8. To combine the two subjects, does SB Pro PE model SACLOS wire missiles having less range over water?
  9. I think the biggest challenge is doing the range test with HESH.
  10. The Sikorsky X2 combines many of the advantages of the coaxial rotor system, but instead uses it in a rigid rotor arrangement with a rear mounted prop to reach around 220-240 knots of speed, around the same speed as an A-10, with the ability to hover, and there is a far lower chance of the rotor blades intersected because of the rigid rotor system. Also it has a system that dynamically deloads the rotors as the speed ramps up, greatly increasing it's top speed.
  11. If you want to see clear FLIR, go to the 3rd person view on a map with 0 percent light level, or something like a Centauro or Pizarro. For some reason the Leopard 2E has the same fuzzy FLIR, is this really how it is?
  12. Hunt3r

    What if?

    Either way, unless they had a neutron bomb, once they conquered the world, nothing would matter because a nuclear winter would arrive soon, and basically end the possibility of agriculture or anything. It'd be a war where the last one standing does so with great cost. Nukes would basically end the world.
  13. Leopardo 2E still feels like the gunner has a rather low res FLIR.
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