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  1. 43 fps i7/6700k @ 4,6Ghz with the render distance on default.... higher render distances give me lower fps... so its not good to compare the fps from benchmark... without the datails of render distance and the other graphic setings.
  2. I have updatet the new NVIDIA 381.65 drivers yesterday. Ok i found it....The Riva TunerStatisticServer from MSI Afterburner that runs in Background to display frames temps core speed and other data.....It is the problem,. After deactivate it in steelbeasts its starts and works fine. Looks like the windows update have problems with the statistic server in combination with steelbeasts. Before the update it worked allways, but the good is steelbeasts runs now after shut of the StatisticServer Tool that is great.
  3. Debug Log.... [14:56:44,587] TRACE: ------------------------------- [14:56:44,587] TRACE: Steel Beasts Log File v4.010 [14:56:44,587] TRACE: Fri Apr 7 14:56:44 201 / 15188 [14:56:44,587] TRACE: ------------------------------- [14:56:44,587] TRACE: +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (SteelBeasts START): [14:56:44,587] TRACE: | | Process: 291 MB (0 % of 128.0 TB total, 128.0 TB free) 291 MB min/180 MB max [14:56:44,587] TRACE: | | Physical: 2.5 GB (16 % of 15.9 GB total, 13.4 GB free) 2.4 GB min/2.5 GB max [14:56:44,587] TRACE: +--+ Pagefile: 2.5 GB (14 % of 18.3 GB total, 15.8 GB free
  4. It do nothing. The Mouse cursor for loading rotate any seconds, but then came no reaction ... no screen or message pops up ... in the task manager i can see the exe is starting but after a few seconds he close. that is the complete text of the logfile [07:58:23,922] WARN : ------------------------------- [07:58:23,922] WARN : Steel Beasts Log File v4.010 [07:58:23,922] WARN : Fri Apr 7 07:58:23 201 / 7220 [07:58:23,922] WARN : ------------------------------- [07:58:23,922] WARN : +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (SteelBeasts START): [07:58:23,922] WARN : | | Proc
  5. I have installed the new "creators update" on my windows 10 x64 System. And after the update steel beasts 4.10 wont start anymore. a reinstallation of steel beasts and the newest codeMeter software brings no success. All other Games and Programs on my system works fine and without problems...
  6. I found this.... Yoke made in USA... http://www.scip-engineering.com/portfolio/w10-series/ http://www.scip-engineering.com/portfolio/w20-series/ ATARI StarWars Yoke works the same way... http://mirrors.arcadecontrols.com/OscarControls/ebay/yoke/ how to build your own yoke... http://arcadecontrols.com/hosted/yoke/
  7. Hi SB 3.002 works fine with my Windos 8 64bit but after updatet to Windows 8.1 SB makes trouble. The Mouse cursor flickering and the mouse movement stutters. All my other Software and Games works without this problem. A reinstall of SB 3.002 and the ATI display drivers brought no improvement, only switch SB to Window mode eliminates the problem.
  8. Version 2.0


    "Einstrich-Keinstrich" Uniform of the DDR - NVA Units in the 1980´s V2.0 Completely reworked Fieldjacket, Belt and Suspenders... (removed the vest)
  9. @Emi Thanks for this Bugreport... it was a old icon file in the rar. i edited my release post A new coreccted Version 1.52 is Uploaded...(all fixes included) and a single Fix 1.50 to 1.52 for this one who downloaded the old rar File yesterday...
  10. Hi fidelthefallguy The HiRez 1.3 works fine and makes the game looks mutch better. Because unfortunately you don't work any more on the mod, i have made a updat for the 1.3 Mod with reworked and new textures. I hope it is ok for you! If not and its a problem i remove the Link immediately. It is only a Update for the fantastic HiRez 1.3 from fidelthefallguy... you must install the HiRez 1.3 first. Are included: - scenery textures - Streets / ways / stones / Trees - Explosion / fire/Effects (mix from your original HiRez 1.30 Mod and new Textures +new Alternativ version for Fire and Fireball) -
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