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  1. Not going to make it... threw my back out this morning
  2. Latest patch has same fps scanning tree line as previous one. 9 fps. Was there any further optimization done on this recent 159 patch?? If so, what?
  3. yeah I'm lucky to have a pinky button to use as palm switch.But it is still a pain having to rethink a setup that I've used for years.IMO,there should be an option to disable the need for pressing palms though.One advantage to the new system is less arm movement when scanning.
  4. well, apparently that's how it works in RL...it's a big change to what were used to...pain to remap and relearn,but that's the way it is.
  5. BUT...is it normal that releasing the palm switch will cancel the modes??? Cause that's what its doing.
  6. If I switch to control handles I have to press Palm switch to traverse turret in gunner position.I dunno if this is how its supposed to work or not.
  7. The tutorial doesn't match what needs to happen in this patch to operate the tc position.Nowhere does it state that palm switch needs to be depressed at same time as kw\zu modes.So what is correct?
  8. joystick...but its not clear to me just what is supposed to happen when pressing whatever buttons now.Where is the leopard 2 tutorial so I can get it straight? AlI know is I never had to press more than 1 button at a time to engage the different modes in the leopard previously.Now its 2.And the cancel button is redundant now. found tutorial...duh...going through it now
  9. In my case they can be accessed...but the palm switch is kicking them out when released ....just as if the cancel button was pressed.
  10. nope joystick...does the same thing in both joy and control
  11. Something isn't right but I'll be damned if I know what it is...I have to hold the palm switch to maintain any modes,and releasing it cancels any input.this is making the cancel button 3 redundant.Modes aren't "sticking' in there respective modes.Its working strangely.But to be honest I'm not sure what is correct anymore.
  12. same problem here...arrows and pov cease to work for leopard modes edit...seems I now have to hold button 5 to get it to work.
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