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  1. Not gonna make this one,down with the flu. sorry gents.
  2. X-55 here...nice setup if you can find one,mostly X-56's on the market now that madcatz sold out.Be aware I hear that there are problems if using windows 10 with X-55.I'm still on windows 7.
  3. I assume H65 is assassin's wingman so I'll take it please.
  4. power just came on 30 mins ago...no damage,we were one of the lucky ones.
  5. I may not make it due too power outages , we've had two already due to hurricane Dorian. expecting more. Fingers crossed we don't get flooded.
  6. Also, is it supposed to jump out of 'armed' mode when switch to and from gun/coax? As it is now you have to hit the switch on the upper right(arming switch) every time you switch. Doesn't seem right to me. Design flaw or safety feature of the piranha?
  7. DF30 coax toggle "M" key does not toggle,just stays in coax mode.
  8. Gonna take a stab here and reserve A11 for assassin A13 for cavgunner and A14 for myself please.
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