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  1. abrams and leopards getting frontally one shoted by heat rounds
    and T-14's shrugging off full racks of sabots tells me this thread needs to be moved back to support and changed from INVALID to INVESTIGATING.

    And yeah ssnake,I do enjoy the fireball and turret pops...its what I payed 200 plus dollars for.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Volcano said:

    Probably best for another discussion or forum...


    Sure they would be fielding the M829A3 ammo, at least at the present time, as its still the best available. There could be something newer in development, but not fielded, or at least it would be classified (doubtful). Still, the M829A3 can do the job well enough when a platoon of tanks is engaging a T-14. Also keep in mind that Russia doesn't have that many T-14s in the first place, something like a brigade (IIRC). So even though it might be advanced, it isn't fielded in significant numbers to make a decisive difference if there ever was a large scale war - at least not yet - especially when you start factoring in attack helicopters and close air support. 


    But just as the US got behind in conventional warfare technology after the Vietnam War, it is not unreasonable to think that the same has occurred due to the two decade long counter insurgency wars of the present day (although we have advanced quite a bit with infantry equipment, MRAPs, and drones and counter insurgency tactics though).


    (I am sure that the west is certainly working on their own next generation designs, and main guns may not be that conventional for much longer for all we know. Also, yes, I think the Russians are aware of the T-14's weakness. Its APS system is not as good as western ones (like Trophy or AVEPS), and they seem to be aware of the turret vulnerabilities and are apparently looking to up armor the turret. It is a never ending arms race.)



    I call bullshit here...It's totally relevant to the discussion right here and now.you(esim) creates the armata to reflect future scenarios while approximating the capabilities of the tank...APPROXIMATING.Abrams would not go into the field without an a4 in its rack,if the possibility of encountering the T-14.The a4 round has been around for some years(since 2014?)and went into production in 2016.that's almost 4 years of availability.No reason why you can't approximate it as well.Your argument makes no sense IMO.

  3. This begs the question, if the russians are aware of the flaws,and are up armoring the T-14, what are nato forces doing to counter it...and where are the newer rounds to penetrate it. An a4 round. Shouldn't that have been included in the update?...I mean if the abrams was to go into the battle space to fight T-14's,...they wouldn't be carrying a3 rounds.

  4. With the amount of attempts I've tried to survive against this thing, I'm mainly interested in disabling the beast...but it rarely happens before it or its buddy kills me. Don't get me wrong...I have killed the beast..but it seems sooo random when it happens.I have maybe 10 kills on it total since it was released to the battle space.

  5. I can see why you made this a new topic...but you must understand why I posted it where I did. The discussion is really about the 'dice rolls"


    well kinda...not really sure what the discussion should be frankly


    Hmmm....To put it simply,I've been shooting tanks in the face in this game and killing them in 1-3 rounds for decades,now I face a tank in game that shrugs off 8-10 rounds and kills me.Gotta raise the question.

  6. well I'm gonna throw a wrench into the mix by saying this issue may not be just an HE problem but a damage model problem overall.And the reason I say this is due to discussions I've had with tankers and players that have been using Steel beasts for a long time. It seems  almost impossible to engage the T-14 with any effect using  Sabots....In a number of scenario's the T-14 took 8 -10 rounds and was still able to fight...when discussing this with other players ,I was directed toth is thread in a context of this"roll of the dice\mathematical calculation" explanation that esim is giving us. I think we need more feedback on 4.161  in regards to engagement results. Something just doesn't seem right here. Either the roll of the dice calculations are wrong or the T-14 is too overpowered , or we simply need a newer round to counter it. And I suspect this is also a clue to the HE issue....maybe....

  7. X-55 here...nice setup if you can find one,mostly X-56's on the market now that madcatz sold out.Be aware I hear that there are problems if using windows 10 with X-55.I'm still on windows 7.

  8. Also, is it supposed to jump out of 'armed' mode when switch to and from gun/coax? As it is now you have to hit the switch on the upper right(arming switch) every time you switch. Doesn't seem right to me. Design flaw or safety feature of the piranha? 

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