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  1. That video shows all the tanks with the same number on them.will this be an option to change in the editor,So we can identify them within the platoon visually?
  2. I've experimented with this all day...wanting to do exactly what you just described.Take alook at the support forum thread started yesterday.Might help,might not.I've had limited success. edit, never mind I see ya already have.
  3. Ah...I think I know what you mean.I'll try to do a task in a separate app,ie photoshop or 3d studiomax to see if it infact is an issue.Could be that catalist dropped that function since I last used those apps. EDIT...If I open photoshop,slide the tools over to the other monitor ,I can use them just as if they were on the main screen.So I'm not sure if this is what your referring to,but it looks like its able to "focus" or "task" in this mode.Just won't do it in SB.
  4. Are you talking extended vs cloned?...I only see extend,clone,replace.not sure where this option is that you speak of? I'm using ATI catalist control on a 4870.
  5. I tried it with 2 monitors as well,but the second monitor didn't get any updated data.The screens stayed static.Ie,no map update on position.It wasn't until I draged the window back onto the main monitor ,did it update,but as soon as you drag it back it goes static again.Worked fine with 1 monitor though.Try running 3 instances on 1 screen ,gets interesting then.
  6. The router has to do with client/host setups in general,not necessarily to do this,But by default to do any sort of multi connection,that set up has to happen or it won't connect with my router type.So its set up regardless in my case.Wheither it becomes a factor for multi instance is an unknown for me,as I haven't tried it disabled.It just made sense to leave it be as its still a host/client scenerio,and my LAN is generated through the router, and not direct,to connect to the other computers.So wheither or not its a factor was anyones guess at the time.Apples and oranges?...maybe.
  7. Port number deletion??...I'll try that today,could be the problem.Other than that I'm doing exactly what everyone else is doing from the looks of it. EDIT: OK,got it working.Heres what I had to do. 1)most important is making sure the port number range is set properly in your router.SOME routers only need to open the port number as 2300,while others need it as inputed as a range ie 2300-2300,not just as 2300. 2)set up as host and remove the port number in the port slot(maybe optional depending on router/port setup),pick your session and unlock the crew positions. 3)open another instance of the game,rename the user to something other than the hosts name as not to conflict. 4)join session as client 5)bingo,should work.If it don't, well hell if I know why.
  8. I've tried to do this based on ssnakes instructions posted in the news thread for the next upgrade.It was in the context of "triplehead to go"but ssnake had mentioned that this was something that could be done pre upgrade without triplehead gear.Didn't work for me thouogh as I failed to get past the join screen(can't get to assembly area)All ports are open and confirmed,running in extended mode,two instances and two monitors showing as running,no go on the joining screen.Has anyone else tried this and if they were sucessful could you post exactly what happened to allow it to work?.I have to wonder if resolutions are the problem.Do both monitors have to run at same res maybe?
  9. Nope,I know how to start one,just didn't seem to be the place as this is where the whole issue started.With that said though,It might be a good idea to start one as this seems to be a new feature that probably wasn't even an issue until now.I don't believe many (if any) even knew this was possible until ssnake mentioned it a few posts back. edit ...done deal,started new thread.
  10. Maybe you should look again and take note that this "feature" was first mentioned in this thread by snake in the context of new developement in the upgrade...ie,triplehead.Its not in the manual...OR MAYBE...point me to the area in the manual that describes "multi monitor setups"
  11. No go even with name change...screw it ,not messin with it anymore.Maybe this update will change this feature for me.
  12. That might be the ticket...having a separate name as client,I'll try that today.
  13. Yup,was all set up for multiplayer ,actually did an extensive session with someone else on how to deal with the port forwarding stuff awhile back to play,I use port checker to ensure they're open,and its reporting that they are (learned some tricks special too SB BTW),so It should have gone smoothly.It didn't.When I try to hit the go button as client ,it winks-out and returns to the default screen where you hit the go button.I assume I'm doing it right...the host(other me) has selected his slot and allowed the other positions to be available.I tried with both 2 monitors as extended ,and 1 big monitor with two gui's.No go.BTW that trick I was telling you about...in my router the ports have to be set as range 2300-2300.both tcip and udp.Any other way and it won't work in multi,ie can't be a single port entry of just 2300.has tp be 2300-2300.Anyway,I've spent 2 hours trying to get this to work without success.
  14. I couldn't get this to work at all,click the go button and nothing happens.Like it doesn't see the other instance.Need more info on this set up,step by step with screens perferably,cause theres no way to trouble shoot otherwise.ie ports,ip's, user names,what point to try to join the session etc etc.
  15. OK,the monitor thing in windowed mode I understand,but the first post where you mention it says "two computers"??,or was it you meant to say "two monitors"?this was where i got confused as it implies that I can run two game in a lan on one licence?which I didn't know I could do.See my point?To put it simply,can I run two 3d worlds in a lan out of the box?So a buddy can come over and play as my gunner,or I myself can be the driver while gunning?I was under the impression ,you need to purchase a second licence to do this.
  16. Multi monitor can also be interpeted as "multi station"ie having two stations displayed separately from the same vehicle.
  17. ummmm...I didn't really understand what you meant here,can you elaborate a bit more on the two instance setup??And would it then be possible to run these two instances so you could be both driver and gunner or commander and gunner?Or be a gunner with an additional external view? Also,what are these "20 new vehicles" were gettin?
  18. Well,it hasn't really told us much of anythng so far has it?A truck,a non-playable tank...Thats the point of most peoples comments here.As a "New" user and this being my first "upgrade",I for one have high expectations based on a 125 dollar price tag and 10 years of developement.I guess I'll see come august.
  19. hehe,would that be "Micheal Moore",or "National Geographic",...or "Smithsonian,the ultimate gun collection"section?:biggrin:
  20. I was thinking something more like this.A T90A and a T80UM1,which didn't exist in the game until someone from the community put them in.
  21. Well,compare it to say ...Arma...if people can do that level of complexity...and in a different lanuage not their own...without any modeling experience...well...........
  22. So your saying that this set up really needs smaller buttons?Would that be the solution?
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