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  1. Well, I see it this way,the gameing industry is like the movie industry,we have B movies,Blockbusters ,and oscar/academy award winners.Most games fall into the b movie catagory(insert your favorite disappointment),Some get to be blockbusters(modern warfare,il2,falcon,Arma....insert favorite game)But where are the Academy award winners...thats the sweet spot and I reserve that title as blank at this point.But I want to put the next il2,and future dev of Arma2/OA with the dlc modules(fingers crossed)The question is,where does SBpro fit here in most peoples opinion?..is it "Aliens from Outer Space","Titanic",or "Schindliers List".Always keeping in mind that SB started as a game, still marketed as a game ,made by esim games.

  2. Well, 3D characters will come, if that's of any consolation. I agree that it took us bloody long, but you all should know by now that visual splendor has never been on top of our priority list. Mind you, I like pretty screenshots like any other guy, but I accept that I can't have everything, and if in doubt I will rather go for better fidelity in the simulation of tactical battle outcomes and more faithful representation of what certain vehicles can and what they can't. In short, my priority is on getting the tactical element to the point where it truly is a combined arms simulation before shifting the attention to visuals, or getting "more of the same" (admittedly the M113A1 is an example of a vehicle variant that doesn't introduce anything new from a tactical perspective - as they say, exceptions just confirm the norm).

    MMMMMMmmmm...sorta see your point...kinda,but in reality ,its the emersion that dictates its fidelity as well...no?They should never be expressed as separate,they go hand in hand IMO.If that wasn't the case,why do steelbeasts 2 and not simply develope steelbeasts 1 further??

  3. Programmer?...no...have I built armor for games?...yes.In fact I'll go a step further to prove my point.I didn't know anything about modeling,or codeing,but through the use of a template,was able to build a number of additions to a game all working as expected,fully functional in just a few weeks.So I can just imagine what someone with real professional or even a hobbist level could do.Just sayin...

  4. Ah...theres my mistake...I had always thought the Cv90 WAS a British IFV.Actually I thought the Cv90 was a Warrior,to be honest.whats the difference?

    ah ha,just googled it,now I see theres a big difference in their designs.MCV80vsCV90 thats where I got confused.

  5. I just stumbled across this thread ,but it begged to be addressed in relevent times.The solution seems to me to be quite simple.Release a fully functional model as template and regulate the submisions for new game content.I guarantee you'd have more "finished" content than you'd know what to do with.

  6. This is confusing...SimHQ's News Expose implies that this is the "first" British addition to the game.I interpet it as a new playable tank ,since we already have british playable IFV units.So whats the deal??Do we pay 30 buks to look at it ,then another 30 to play in it down the road??

  7. Who said the "Chally" wasn't crewable?What the hell is the point of a pay upgrade and not include the new tank as crewable????As I understand it ,alot of research went into the chally,so I assumed it was a new driveable.Am I mistaken???:eek2:wtf?

    And YES I AGREE,not haveing a proper opfor tank to crew is just....wrong.Makes no sense to me whatsoever,but my understanding is that this product isn't really meant for us,its meant for tankers and their trainers,but still,it makes sense(to me anyway) to have an enemy tank in the field crewed by humans.:cul:

    maybe its time ssnake releases alittle more info before peoples hackles get in a ruffle.I can see it happening already,myself included.Is this new tank crewable or not??????

  8. I have NO IDEA what your talking about...I HAVE NOT repeat NOT...recieved any word on the matter other than here.WHERE is this email...and where and what was sent to reduce the price tag???Theres nothing in my inbox from the forum,no email...nada.This is public because its a support form for customers.I see no private message anywhere here.I've had NO other avenue other than here to discuss it.If you've made good on your offer...show me where and how and I'll shut up.

    Just to make sure...I've double checked both my email accounts.Its 6:09 atlantic time here and nothing from esim anywhere.No private message either.What am I missing???

    And how can I accept something if I never got it?...WHO did the accepting???????????...now I'm really pissed cause your implying that my account is being confused with someone else...which should NOT happen with VISA.

  9. Well,it was ssnakes reply that kinda implied that a reasonable solution was being presented,which is why I asked for clarification FROM HIM...I mean its simple really,apply the promotion to the second purchase to compensate for the first...too easy...what do they loose?Nothing,they already are willing to reduce the price for new business.Which I am.Had I already recieved my copy BEFORE the promotion,I'd of left it alone.But I haven't even got it yet.It's still in my mind a tranaction between two parties which hasn't yet reached completion.Its all principle now.I mean ,if you were at a store and handed over a 100.00 dollar bill for a item,and before they handed the item back to you reduced the price to 75.00,what would you say?...........gimme my f'n 25.00 back!! is what you'd say!!...hahahah

  10. Not the same thing...I haven't recieved my order,nor do I see an option to cancel an order or postpone inorder to "reorder".$50 is certainly worth the effort.I had misgivings to begin with about paying $125.00 x2 for what I can already get in other sims for far less(and get more out of them I might add,ie Arma with ACE2).The fact that I was dismissed so readily and basically told "tuff luck buddy" over the matter of a couple days on something that I have'nt even recieved yet ,turned me sour and made me reconsider being a paying customer.I may also say that I may not even have a choice in the matter depending on how visa see's it.I may well be in fact a "reluctant owner " of SB pro.I say that now only because I've never played the thing.Why esim can't say "sure bud,thanks for buyin 2 copies of our product and oh btw were knockin off the 50$ for our promotion cause ya bought 2 is beyond me.I mean were only talkin days here...probably less if you consider that the promotion was probably in the minds of the dev's at the time I purchased it.Anyway...whats done is done.I'll think twice next time.

  11. Really!?...if thats the case I will NOT be buying a second copy...AND will seek a return/cancellation on the first.I'll be calling visa today, thankyou very much for your fantastic customer service:remybussi:

  12. So ssnake,are you saying that you will apply the $25 discount on BOTH copies if i buy the second one...please check the first post to clarify the issue.If "yes" then I will consider the second "full" purchase for my buddy.BTW...nothin in the mail today...gettin kinda anxious.

  13. I had intended to purchase 2 copies one for me ,one for a buddy,thought by offsetting the purchase it would be less shock to the wallet.Now I'm reconcidering the second purchase...I might change my mind if 2 discounts can be applied to the second purchase.Seems fair,what say you.

  14. I recently purchased Steelbeasts but have yet to recieve it in the mail,I noticed the price has dropped considerably since I purchased and I'm wondering (since I don't see a way of cancelling my order)if I can get a rebate or credit :confused:Also,how does one find out "where" their purchase is??

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