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  1. How long before we see the transparency fixes???
  2. It seems to me we had this issue with amd in the past...and it was fixed....then resurfaced (and if I recall correctly you had said it would be addressed in a future patch(now historic)since we're what?...3 patches in ? I'm just wondering if those legacy fixes have been implemented?Again this was alonggg time ago,so my memory maybe faulty.
  3. if you need too I can easily go to comms and tell ya all thats happened in past sessions...might be easier than form post tag...I'm just sittin here hunting american warships in my akula in coldwaters
  4. I think it also needs to be said that what promted me to do this test was similar issues in multiplayer on all sorts of maps....this tank range map I used cause it was easy to duplicate tests and I knew just where to look.I'm hoping by solving this issue it will apply itself to the game as a whole.(I really thought it was some tree model issue..but now I'm just perplexed)
  5. rgr standby. Its the only "large" panel on the right.Also note that if I pan right further off the panel fps still remains low...which is about the 130 to 200 position on tank clock
  6. looking at the reference panel to the right edge of the gunnery range engagement area gives you 40 fps in the best of cases yes best case...constant 29 on settings with V sync balanced (or max energy saving) power settings (Windows 7) fullscreen mode looking anywhere else in the same scenario gives you around 60 fps, give or take a little yes whenever one or multiple of the following settings are activated, you drop to 29 fps, V sync balanced (or max energy saving) power settings (Windows 7) fullscreen mode correct Lower resolutions may actually (always will?) result in lower framerates yes except foe 1280 res Thermal throttling can be ruled out as a source of trouble cool 66 Celsius with vsync off,windowed,and power to performance Many trees (unless this turns out to be a particularly bad spot) can be ruled out as a source of trouble seems to be ... when panning to left stand of trees ,fps goes up Steel Beasts graphics settings - no matter which one, play only a minor role in the resulting framerate only when turning DOWN the settings...turn them up and fps drops without vsync off,windowed,and power to performance this in context to the target panel 29fps test All this on a system with AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz CPU ATI RX 560 4 GByte graphics card 32 GByte RAM Windows 7-64bit
  7. dis regard...brain fart getting tired
  8. checking...just to clariy last....the res changes were not in window mode....the sucessfull 40fps Is in windowed mode drivers up to date 20.8.3 no new up date published in control panel news at this time
  9. yes to all with 1 exception...when I lowered res to 1280...it dropped fps....1152 res doubled fps on target panel(scratching my head on that one) this being in full screen btw not windowed
  10. Just to prove I Ain't lie'n vsync off and windowed with power to performance combo that got me to 40...and this is WITH graphics and terrain settings turned back up including terrain cache At 1680 x 1050 and with aa and ansio and shadows.TrackIR on.GPU Stayed cool 66 Celsius
  11. Power settings no change BUT with vsync off AND in windowed mode putting the sight on the target panel in tank range bounced it to around 35-37 ( it fluctuated) please note panning anywhere else in tank range would go as high as 66fps...its just I wanted to use the same aiming point (the target panel )for reference and its where it falls to half FPS. edit...my mistake...power settings didn't take...retried and got to 41fps. So it did something. So I think I'm at 40 ish on that panel now.gonna do more tests edit 2 DAMNIT NO IT DIDN'T WORK ,TRIED IT BY ITSELF STILL 29 so its the vsync and window combo that got me to 40 edit 3 oh fer fuck sake...it was the combo of all 3 that gets me to 40...confirmed.
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