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  1. since E14 got wacked (I was in the map view) I'll go for E13.
  2. ummm...I'm really not comfortable with the furry animal part...
  3. Can you elaborate on this and explain what is being done to fix it...and when that fix is coming??
  4. FULL SCREEN (top) VS WINDOWED (bottom) terrain settings at 20 with 100 preload todays kanium scenerio in single player mode Performance is poor =10fps windows 10 AMD cpu and video 4.0 ghz cpu RX560 4 gig video with todays driver update 32 gig ram and just to put into context performance wise here is DCS on HIGH settings=30fps
  5. what's in the back of the turret and why do they have no guns??Too heavy and front forks are in the way??
  6. If your looking for gunners ,I'll sign up for A3 gunner
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