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  1. reserve Charlie 1,2, 4 ...assassin,myself and cav. edit: spelled Charlie wrong...duh.
  2. okie doekie...didn't see any tethers though
  3. I can see strange floating black orbs on Leopard 1 model, on both sides of tank...see pic
  4. Can we have a more in depth (and in layman's terms) what was done to improve frame rates in this patch?
  5. What part of the patch notes addresses this?
  6. gonna take a stab here 1st leopard platoon reserve 1,2,4,positions for assassin, myself and cavgunner.
  7. just in case its a mission issue I'm gonna upload the debug for today DebugLog.txt
  8. bumping this thread as we had entire platoons unable to fire in todays multiplayer mission
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