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  1. Depends on when you buy it...alot of 60% off sales(most stuff I bought was 70% off)
  2. How do you get that price???? DCS world is free with a su-25t...And $9.99 to add the flanker....so 10 bucks gets you a topnotch flight sim with two aircraft (3 if you count the mustang) Throw another 10 and you can have the f-15 or older su25 or an A-10A.
  3. As I write this I am alt tabbed in an 2a5a2 DK ....with the dongle sitting infront of me on a shelf...whats that tell ya?
  4. I can't you all just how pissed I am as I write this but I will shed some light on this ridiculous situation. First off SSnake I was never banned from the TS server...If I was, how is that I could returnn to said server ,and nor was I ever given any notice or reason for said ban which it seems could simply be over ridden by entering the server???That says there was no ban.The 3rd armor channel simply disapeared without any reasons given to me soon after an altercation with a fellow 3rd armor member ON MY OWN TS SERVER not yours.We have been in touch and are still on friendly terms,in fact they have come to visit me to chat on occasion since that altercation.And it was he that brought this tgif incident to my attention Secondly...The dog of war VU informs me that there was evidence that shows their licences both server and others(Im not even sure what that means), were suspended and until that day had no interruptions of there gaming sessions up UNTIL that day...yet a fellow user had hosted the server for them immediately after the failure to launch. I do have a server exe which was given to me by sean...with the conditions that 1)We don't use it during TGIF 2)That we not share it with anyone. I have complied. Thirdly and I think this is were the problem addressed at me in this situation extends from ,I have been able for reason unknown,to run steelbeasts WITHOUT A DONGLE For what might be more than two years now(not exactly sure the time period) EVEN before the open beta was announced.What went on behind the sences in you dev dept up until the beta I can't say.All I know is that I did not require a dongle nor later on ,Did I even require a update to run steelbeasts. Up until very recently I've been running 3.25 without an update and when it failed for some unknown reason,I switched to my server exe to run it.It must be noted that I don't run SB very often hardly at all since the 3rd armor breakup.But I do run on occastion on weekends and sometimes during the week.I did run it this saturday past for a sort time...as I have done many times in the past without incident.I have discussed this with the DogofWar VU and they are satisfied that I was NOT the reason for their concerns. I'll let you and them sort that out. In fairness,I have had to explore and try thru trial and error how to configure the web admin...its not user friendly...so god knows what the codemetre logs are going to tell ya...I have however figured it out to the point that I can run MY steel beasts game. Lastly...If I did want to disrupt the steelbeast communities gaming...Then I could have simply released the exe along with the ips and instructions that were given too me... to the public...A "crack" if you will. That certainly could have had an impact on not only game play ,but your economics as well.I have not ,nor will I. I expect my name removed from this f-ing mess pronto.
  5. Hmmm...YOU maybe onto something big here...write a letter to the Taliban ,...explain that their tactics are just plain cheesy...end global terrorism. :gun:
  6. If ya go to the TeamSpeak 3 channel and look under virtual units you'll see 3rd Armor...We do mostly just that ,tanking from the gunner seat but doing the maneuvering as well. Sometime we do full crews but mostly 1 guy per tank. We're there nearly 24 /7 and have some US tankers to share your stories with.
  7. Badger

    TS down?

    yup...its up now
  8. Badger

    TS down?

    yes ,I believe it is down cause I've been trying for 2 days now as well:confused:
  9. I'll make it easy for you "new players" looking for online game sessions. 3rd Armor is present in the SB ts3 channel just about 24/7 usually from 8am to upto 3am weekdays and weekends,can accomadate large group sessions and multiple connection types ie Hamachi.We have members from all diffent times zones and are well versed in trouble shooting SB connection issues.We run the entire gambit of gameplay styles as well as run other mainstream simulations(DCS,ARMA and others).Our most favored style of play is head to head with our spanish comrades 3 tizona which will probably get ramped up when 3.0 is released.
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