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    Gunner HEAT PC

    I think it worth mentioning the Dev's response to the criticism: ActionScripter1 day ago Thanks for checking out the public demo for GHPC! Great video. Your feedback is very thorough and, I should say up front, completely fair and correct. The sudden spread of my early demo caught it at kind of an awkward time - I decided it needed to be redone to a higher standard, but that redone version isn't ready yet. To that end, I have a small team now (most notably on visuals and audio) and we are rebuilding just about every piece of the demo. Things from the video that we've fixed in the updated build of GHPC so far: - Stabilization. The new stabilizers support several real-world "modes", including basic "direction" stabilization, angle-based Delta-D (e.g. T-72A), and full point tracking (e.g. Abrams). There are still a few bugs in the new version and the lead isn't implemented completely yet, but I absolutely want to nail it this time, and I've been taking feedback from a bunch of 19 kilos to make sure that happens. Still, at least now when you lase a spot and drive around, the aim stays glued to that spot. - Gun sights. The public demo used a couple of really simple methods of displaying gunnery reticles, and it did not lend itself well to realistic or complex systems. (I'm still pretty proud of that GAS though; the stadia reticle and ballistic markings are accurate via live calculation, not pre-drawn!) In the new build, we have full fidelity in the gun sights we've completed so far, which includes the T-72A, the M60A3 TTS, the T-55A, and the BRDM-2. This attention to detail will continue as the new standard for the other vehicles we add; there should never again be a "fudged" gun sight like the T-72M sight in the public build. - Thermals. You noted, correctly, that the black hot mode in the public demo was screwed up. I made a change to the rendering shortly before I stopped updating that build, which improved a lot of things but completely unbalanced the inverted thermal mode. This will no longer be an issue in the new build. We've been working on thermal rendering itself, beyond simple contrast and tone balance, and we now support things like separate heat sources on vehicles, temperature change over time (and reacting to things like guns firing), and better depiction of the ambient temperature of vegetation and atmospheric haze. This stuff is actually not in the Patreon build yet, unlike the rest, because we're still polishing it - but we've teased it in our Discord server. - Tracks and suspension. Our driving system has had a complete overhaul and now features animation, suspension forces, moving wheels and tracks, gear shifting, and dynamic exhaust smoke, among other things. There are still some rough edges to smooth out, but it's a lot closer to what you'd expect a tank to look and feel like in motion. Things from the video that we're aware of and working on still: everything! I'm not even joking, we have a to-do list a mile long and you mentioned a lot of stuff from it. With how people have responded to my early demo, I and the rest of the team are extremely serious about making sure we get the details right in the new version of GHPC. If you're interested in giving us feedback as we complete and show new features, consider joining the GHPC Discord server! If you message me there and let me know who you are, I'll get you set up with the proper roles and get you in the loop for Abrams and Bradley stuff especially. This type of response in my eyes is paramount to its potential customer base...I have lots of confidence in this team even in its infancy. I will be VERY surprised if they fail.
  2. Badger

    Gunner HEAT PC

    Agreed... the more we point out to them the better it will be for us.
  3. Badger

    Gunner HEAT PC

    For fuck sake,Last weeks SB session saw AI failure,laser failure,damage model failure...this weeks session towards the end was a fucking slide show... and all after over 20 years of development...this game (GHPC) is what? a year old? (probably not even) in its alpha phase and not even near its completion of said phase...yet it promises to be a hell of alot in terms of whats desired by armor enthusiasts...and free. I think it definitely deserves a break at this stage.
  4. Badger

    Gunner HEAT PC

    yup shaping up nicely...if this is going where I think it is...gonna be my #1 FCS... damage modeling... balistics check Russian playables check gonna have a mission maker/editor check pve and co-op(pvp??) check arma/warthunder level graphics check
  5. I don't see a manning list?....same position as last mission please(I guess)??
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