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  1. Storm has started and has been downgraded to tropical storm, will update status on power outage situation every 4 hours. So if ya don't see me post here at noon Atlantic time ...power is out.
  2. you can chain me to my usual tree...will be ready to be unleashed if I'm feelin particularly bloodthirsty....
  3. Sorry, hurricane took out power, all good now. The issue I initially posted on was in respect to a multi player session in which I was in a tank by myself...but it does it in single as well. There was an instant when I jumped into another crewed tank in same session as gunner and had a different but similar issue when the gunsight was erratic yet not quite the same issue as mentioned previously...I simply could not track a target due to the reticle bouncing all over the place...again it was a different issue and I don't know if they are related or not or if it was a system failure on the tank due to damage. FYI I have an X-55 similar to X-56 but older program software and configuration.
  4. I made a quick video to illustrate the problem I was having today with losing input to slew turret on t-72b3...I also verified this issue with Assassin as he has a similar set up and has the same issue. The quality of voice recording sound is low but can be heard if turned up loud. However It won't let me upload the file (319 mb in .rar format). This issue DOESN"T occur with mouse input. Basically we lose control altogether on the x and y axis where the gunsight will not move no matter the input...but regains input when moved slightly off axis left or right.
  5. popping "smoke" on the T-72B3 launches the smoke about 100-200 meters from the tank...I don't think that's correct...unless it is?
  6. So what your saying is "alt range" is by default lases in first return?...but when I press it it's in last return...by what its saying in lower left corner. (2a5 and up) edit...I "think" I know what's going on...joy 2 is remapped ....ctrl and joy 4 are on alt ranging and lase simultaneously...thus canceling first return...I think...
  7. fixed the emes issue...it doesn't like having emergency mode assigned to the same key...removed emergency mode and it now works. Not sure what alt range is supposed to do? is it a toggle for lrf returns? or something totally different? And shouldn't LRF return toggle key work as well?...it works on the M1A1,but not leopard.
  8. when pressed it just flashes and doesn't go into that mode...TIS seems blurry and the all reference jpegs regarding TIS seem to be missing form the leopard wiki page. Also laser return 1 and 3 keys aren't working either .
  9. I tried to engage a target manually in max zoom using TIS mode ...it was damn near impossible. kept loosing the target due to input over compensation. It's too erratic IMO it needs to be toned down.
  10. Is it working as expected in regards to the difference in slew/track sensitivity compared to day sight?..day sight tracking /slewing is much smoother and controlled where as the TIS is a lot more sensitive. Its hard to manually track in TIS and often causes over compensating as well as getting more pronounced in higher magnifications. Shouldn't they have the same slew rate/sensitivity of inputs ?
  11. I'm still on weather permitting ...its just too damn hot if its sunny out as we don't have AC. A 80-90 degree room with a comp exhausting well over that is just too uncomfortable.
  12. Badger

    T-72b3 TIS axis

    I just noticed that this only happens from the gunner seat...commander seat is as it is in other tanks.
  13. make it a threesome...duh
  14. Badger

    T-72b3 TIS axis

    when looking through the t-72b3 tis and taking reference of the azimuth...then aligning hull to same azimuth and moving forward, the axis is different in the direction of travel (based on white dot reference direction on the tank clock).This is really confusing when taking a desired tangent of travel. You think your going one way but in the tis your going another. Its disorientating. Is this how its supposed to be?
  15. gunner or commander or both?
  16. I "think", it's only the gunner tis...commander seems fine(but I'm only saying that based on 1 tank in 1 mission) will keep testing.
  17. Something doesn't seem right with the tis on the leopards focusing. It changes sometimes from focused to unfocused based on where you are looking...which it never did before. Also even when it is focused ,say on a tank at 2500 m, its blurry and you can hardly ID the tank. Even when pressing the focus button.definitely not as it was before and it doesn't seem to be the new heat effects as it happens before I even fire. No issue with the abrams though.
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