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  1. A12 please...and I'll grab A14 for Higgs opps I mean't 13..sorry bout that Cav didn't notice the mis step till today
  2. Gonna take a shot here...reserve 11B 21B 31B assassin,me ,higgs.......not sure about the post above this with "cav" but just in case 41B for cavgunner unless he's going recon.
  3. I just did some diggin around and realized that my assumption of todays fratricide was based on thinking the t-55 had wavy skirts...it does not. (correct call Assassin)So yeah my bad on shooting the PC Today. It all came down to that...wavy skirt,...no one on our left flank...kill it. Lesson learned.
  4. This is a discussion over at the DCS forum and I would like to know if this tech is relevant to SB's performance, or is it out of scope due to its age. Are the Dev's aware of this? AMD FSR development - DCS Wishlist - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  5. reserve Charlie 1,2, 4 ...assassin,myself and cav. edit: spelled Charlie wrong...duh.
  6. okie doekie...didn't see any tethers though
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