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  1. If your looking for gunners ,I'll sign up for A3 gunner
  2. gonna take a stab here and Reserve alpha3 platoon ,the 1 2 and 4 positions for Assassin, cav and myself(unless Assassin is commanding then only positions 1 and 4 .)please
  3. How long before we see the transparency fixes???
  4. It seems to me we had this issue with amd in the past...and it was fixed....then resurfaced (and if I recall correctly you had said it would be addressed in a future patch(now historic)since we're what?...3 patches in ? I'm just wondering if those legacy fixes have been implemented?Again this was alonggg time ago,so my memory maybe faulty.
  5. if you need too I can easily go to comms and tell ya all thats happened in past sessions...might be easier than form post tag...I'm just sittin here hunting american warships in my akula in coldwaters
  6. I think it also needs to be said that what promted me to do this test was similar issues in multiplayer on all sorts of maps....this tank range map I used cause it was easy to duplicate tests and I knew just where to look.I'm hoping by solving this issue it will apply itself to the game as a whole.(I really thought it was some tree model issue..but now I'm just perplexed)
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