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  1. Speaking of BMP, here's the most complete disassembly of BMP I've ever seen. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=47f_1476721582
  2. Seems totally practical to me. At first I worried that, if turret power were lost, all 3 weapons would become un-trainable. But the secondary guns are -deliberately- placed as far from center as possible so you can rotate the turret with their recoil.
  3. Confirmed, End of Belt Stop command works on M3A2 but no effect for CV9035 ABM in PENE mode.
  4. Ah yes, I did find that, but the EOBS hotkey (by itself) didn't do it. I'll try the palm switch as well. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Ssnake. One more question, about CV9035: 1. When I select and fire ABM in PENE mode, I find the gun will fire until there are 22 rounds remaining, then not respond to further trigger pulls. I thought this was related to 'end of belt stop', but that command doesn't affect it. If I switch to BURST, WIDE or DEEP the gun will fire normally until all rounds gone. Only PENE seems to stop at 22.
  6. I see two downloads for the Tskhinvali.hgt map Tskhinvali Georgia Heightmap1 http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/252/p13_fileid/2526 and Tskhinvali Georgia Heightmap2 http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/252/p13_fileid/2527 (same name, different filesize)
  7. I think the 'scout' behavior causes a unit to retreat if it is attacked as well. This also needs multiple routes, as it will abandon it's current scout route once it retreats. You can also tell helis (not sure) and APCs to dismount troops if they take direct fire, though this might not be a good idea. EDIT: If 'scout' is preceded by another waypoint, it will ping-pong between scouting, and retreating to it's previous waypoint. ----- Another question; I understand the 3.019 is a limited beta version, and has long since stopped being offered. But... for some multiplayer engagements, including the TGIF game, I am told it is the standard. Is there a way to get the beta license still? I have the .exe already.
  8. This mission kills units within the penalty zones within 30 seconds, is that right? Edit: Also, please confirm if players with vanilla 3.011, not beta, version are able to join.
  9. Consistently plinking units at 3k while zigzagging at 60km/h is about the goodest thing I can imagine. Better if also going over jumps To be more specific, I notice the sabot is lagging opposite my motion as well. If I'm driving left, the rounds consistently hit ever so slightly to the right side of the target. It could be a problem with all rounds, that just gets worse with long ToF and sideways speed.
  10. Thanks Ssnake! Yes, it would definitely be good to know what the tactics do. As for the sabot/HEAT motion compensation thing, the Abrams does the same thing with sabot and M830. With sideways motion, sabot always hits and HEAT always misses, and always misses by the same amount. Might be a genuine bug.
  11. Thanks a bunch Gibson. I'll look into that right away.
  12. Long time lurker, I finally did it; I bought one whole month of SB. I blame Rotar. I really appreciate your videos. I'd love to show up and be a target in your friday game. Before that I wonder if you can help me get up to speed. 1. Plugging right into my DSL modem I shouldn't have any port issues? 2. I just installed the game yesterday. Do I need any patches or other content? And some general game questions, too. I read the manual but not very well. Tanks seem way easy compared to airplanes, but there are too many people inside them and it makes problems. 1. The Bradley rocket launcher keeps popping up and down. I understand it should be down for traveling at speed, but is there any way to keep it in place? 2. The Bradley sometimes drops troops at random. Can I keep them inside until commanded to go? 3. In the Leo2E, I can't select ammunition from the gunners position, but from the commanders position. I'm guessing this is intentional but workaround maybe? 4. Abrams ammo indexing? Sometimes I'm not sure what bullet is in the tube. Do I need to switch to commander's position? 5. The Bradley stops shooting with about half of ready ammo expended. 6. CV90s seem to turn on lead compensation (Moving Target) by default when I lase. Can I turn it off? Didn't see a control that explicitly says that. (Edit: I can press P and it goes back to Stationary) 7. This is a really odd one (to me). When moving at speed in the Leo2 90° abeam to stationary enemies, I lase and fire and: a. Sabot rounds fall right on the target, despite my sideways speed. Like on a wire. b. HEAT rounds actually fall offset to the -opposite- of my movement direction (if I am driving east, the rounds fall west of the target, by a lot) c. MG rounds fall offset in the -same- direction of my movement (if I am driving east, MG rounds fall offset to the east as well) I understand some fire controls might not compensate for own movement, but it seems weird that it would be different for different ammo types. This happens with or without lead compensation depressed, and whether driving forward or backward, at any range. Sorry for the long list!
  13. Ok ok, I figured it out. Change a helicopter model for an A-10. Where the helicopter would be hovering, the A-10 does loops in place instead. To simulate threat avoidance, the plane can only move in off-map areas. If it tries to fly onto the map it is stopped by an invisible wall. If the A-10 is attacked, it can go half under the ground like the infantry does. Simulating new munitions is hard, so just make all enemy vehicles within certain distance in the plane's frontal arc explode. Edit: Do a LOS check first. You're welcome.
  14. Fast-mover guided bomb strikes could be simulated like very brief and accurate artillery strikes. Don't play SB, but I don't believe the game has any SAM missile systems outside of ATGMs and manpads.
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