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  1. OK thats that.........its gone. I still have the disks how do I get a new updated Dongle?
  2. I really miss you guys, continuing search and rescue of said dongle and continuing mission..........Otto
  3. I have searched everywhere to find my dongle with no luck. can I get a replacement?
  4. Good to hear from you again Ssnake, As soon as I get chance. Got make the wife think I really working
  5. Thanks Homer, I will fire SB up tonight and get the exact the message I get upon start up
  6. Thanks Sean, not only is the subfolder saying empty, but the properites tell me that the disk is full. I still get the codemeter error prompt.
  7. Somehow I deleted what ever was on my dongle, any help?
  8. Before I continue the message reads: Code Meter Error: Please ensure your CM stick is securely in a USB port.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I installed from download all 7 parts. Saved everthing to the desktop. Activated Part 1 to run the" exe" file. All dowloaded fine. Went to start and was given an error message telling me that it could not detect the codemeter. Went to "My Computer" ans saw the codemeter in my E: Drive but after clicking on was told that there were no files. Checking the properities I also saw that the disk was full. Any Ideas?
  10. I have read the manual and I am simply having some issues. It now seems to be dongle related. If I have upset anybody for asking a question in the Steel Beast Pro Pe support forum then I apologize. I only paid $120.00 or something like that for this game and I would like it to work. Pretty funny: RTFM
  11. For some reason my Codemeter Stick is no longer working. It is in one peice and after checking it on the computer noticed that there was nothing on it.
  12. After re-installing SB Pro I attempted to give a go at some gunnery. I selected tank range however it did not present any vehicles for selection. Quite odd.
  13. It looks like the game is all there except for the tanks
  14. Wow I am way behind. I seen that folder and opened it to the tank range. Tried to select a tank but none were available.
  15. Reinstalling my SB Pro Pe after a year off. I have everything installed and can see the file folders. The problem is that when I navigate to the Steel Beasts Pro Pe folder and click on it, it simply opens the folder.
  16. The Bradley's have shipping seals on all the hatches and the BII is in large wooden boxes waiting on S4 to inventory and sign for them.
  17. Mike Golf, I have been of the tanks for a while and noticed the delivery of 2 brand new Bradley's at the shop. We still have not unpacked them but I was told they are the new ODS 4 version. Your thoughts......... Are they confused with the M2 ODS SA?
  18. SB needs system Engineering to promote their product to the US Government and the public. I have seen a lot of government contracts fall through due to the contractor not able to show the life span or overall product performance. Concidering that the US Military continues to use outdate expensive simulators that require constant maintenance. SB of course would be a home run. The joy I would have experienced from watching my crew paractice gunnery skills with nothing more than a lap top with joystick.
  19. Is it true? I've been away for a while but seen the Chally 2 on U tube. Is it playable yet?
  20. You can re-asign (Invert) the jockstick function
  21. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, is that an M60 I see in the backround of your avatar? Back to the point.......A.R.E. Aim center of VISIBLE mass Remember your sight picture and Lase Endlay in elevation The end lay in elevation comes into play with SB. I have found that arming last return and lasing at the base of the target then elevating to center of visible mass gives me a good range with proper superelevation when firing HEAT.
  22. Wow, really appriciate your time. I will get to work on this ASAP!
  23. I will try again, I just need to get the Port Forwarding squared away.
  24. Can anyone help me download Mods using Windows 7?
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