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  1. Is there a ETA on the new manual ?
  2. the hard copy of the SB manual that you can buy ; is it a 2.538 version of the manual or an older version ?
  3. My pleasure petherf , i'm always glad when i receive help or information , so if i can help someone else... Good to see that i'm not the only one waiting for the Warthog Over at SimHQ there is some interesting information/preview to find about this upcomming TM combo No because every hobby/pastime cost money and otherwise in my more than 30 years of simming i wouldn't have any internal organs left. I couldn't say , I only use TM products (FCS,WCS,RCS,FLCS,Cougar) and i stick with TM because for me they work fine ; and the programming software is not only getting better but also more easy and faster. My brother once bought a Saitek X45 , and as good as that combo maybe was/is ; he had a hell of a time finding XP workable software.
  4. maybe this can help a little (post 4) : http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=8298 I also have a cougar (00497) but a soon as the Warthog will be available at Simware Simulations..... The new T.A.R.G.E.T software is imo more user friendly and more versatile than Foxy
  5. Is there any chance in the future that there will be non drivable technicals added with other weapons like for example the zu-23 , zpu-4 , 12.7 hmg to add a bit of diversity to the technicals ?
  6. Thank you Ssnake for the very informative eSimGames newsletter I got today
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