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  1. Quite the contrary mate I am sure its not the 'military' that are the issue
  2. Death by power point is always a good way to seal the purse strings Thanks Ssnake I wish I had noticed the thread before I replied to Gibson's pm but I will offer up some bullet points that may well be worth considering as a future tech Thin Client Virtualisation of Servers Cloud solutions such as Azure / Lumberyard Why buy a cloud when you can host your own (from a government perspective that is) https://shadow.tech/gben I would offer my referal code but I probably breach some terms of usage and its black Friday so if you jump in now you might get a good deal (be aware it takes them time to spin up your machine) and please read the small print With regards to the next iteration of SB and the demands the new terrain model has it might well be the only way the client can keep up with the technological requirement?
  3. certainly an interesting read nice to see the military getting 'wet' over cloud and SaaS but its not an unfamiliar story to me. Isn't the point of that presentation to drive simplification and cost saving though? Utilising new technologies to place multiple requirements on a single modular platform? I can see it would be a challenge for any organisation and its happening across the industry not just in the Military That said I don't want to hijack this thread so here is some gratuitous A4E these guys really deserve the plug
  4. Yup downloaded and testing amazing work by some dedicated fans very nice
  5. I think if we did easy we wouldn't be here but yes agree it takes a degree of smarts but one thing that is clear is the technology is converging
  6. https://forums.mudspike.com/t/vbs3-steel-beasts-motion-simulation-flight-sim-combo/3757 last year this happend?
  7. Cultural misinterpretation there Gibson me ol'mucker the biting of some ones hand is to imply a keenness to partake or general fanatical excitement at a worthy offer however I believe my point is quite clear and it still stands you have a choice r2-t72 or a genuine crew but it would seem to be moot
  8. Aye and you damn near bit his hand off didn't you :debile2:
  9. We are talking about two different things here I am responding to a lack of willingness to play opfor in Zipuli's mission You are talking about your Job :biggrin:
  10. The point is not that I am an T-72 fanboi and that I think you should all jump on board the new ride The point was that we finally have crewable Opfor vehicles and the potential for some genuine 'thinking' behind the enemy vehicle's for a change. That opens up possibility or should. I guess It's because I come from a flight sim background and I think how things would have gone their if people had demonstrated the same attitude to new ideas that are common place here. Oh well apparently you guys prefer shooting robot fish in a barrel to the genuine unpredictability that a human opponent provides.
  11. Actually very happy about the T-72 and more than happy to ride this bitch regardless of if I get my ass whooped Your lack of willingness to try something new is both revealing and Hilarious How long before we see a banner for 'Remove T-72 from Steelbeasts - it makes me feel dirty' They should stick you guys in glass cases next to your former rides :smilelove-1: Hats of to you Zip for trying
  12. Looks Like some one is looking to set up the 'yom kippur' war last pic in gallery looks like a centurion to me ? T55 vs Centurion http://www.amazon.com/Centurion-T-55-Kippur-1973-Duel/dp/1846033691/ref=pd_sim_b9#reader_1846033691
  13. WOW now that's something I guess that does show that if you campaign hard enough things can be achieved I will now go eat my hat Большое спасибо!!
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